Monday 2 April 2012

5 Tips To Write Effective And SEO Friendly Titles For Your Blog

Writing Effective Blog or Article Titles
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to a guest post from Divya Rawat. Divya is an established consultant who regularly blogs at iNetZeal where she provides tips and tricks on how to improve virtual presence. She also has a keen interest in e-commerce.

Thank you Divya for guest posting on Derek's Home and Business Blog and I'm sure my readers will thoroughly enjoy your post.

5 Tips To Write Effective And SEO Friendly Titles For Your Blog Or Article

We shall discuss ways to write effective attention grabbing titles for your blog or regular articles in this post.

As an avid blogger or niche journalist, you always want more readers on your blog. The sole purpose of writing is to have people reading and benefiting from your work - unless it's a personal diary entry! Since your blog or agenda for content writing isn't only personal, here are 5 tips that should help increase your reader base:

1. Creative

While writing for a blog, you have to be extremely creative. The only thing that's driving a reader to read your entry is because he or she should be curious to know what's in store. It's important to generate an interest with your title. Say something different, make an analogy, stays something out of the blue! Your title should SURPRISE the reader.

2. Cool

If someone is reading a blog, even if for some tips, he/she would like a "cool" title. The reason is that everyone can write the "technical" titles, but only a smart writer can write cool titles for technical topics.

3. Simple

Simplicity always rules. Being "cool" doesn't mean using jargons. You don't have to brag with synonyms or words you have picked out of the dictionary. The majority of readers are simple people. To connect with them, you have got to be simple.

4. Humor and wits

Once again, everyone can be serious, can you be funny? Say something witty or humorous and you'll have the reader curious to know what's in store. He or she will be interested to read; and if you've managed to put a smile on his/her face even before starting the article, then you sure have a reader!

5. Hints about the article

And finally, your title should only give "hints" about the content and not give away the entire topic. If this is an article or blog which isn't targeted for SEO activity, then it's certainly going to win with hints.

Technique idea: Quotations and proverbs

A really cool way to make a title is to relate your subject with well known quotations or proverbs and add your pun to it. Pick up a famous quote and change it to your subject. Add a line about what you have in the blog post. The reason this works is that the reader connects to the quote and then identifies the difference in it. This simply encourages him or her to read further and find out what the "Change" is.

However, there's one more angle here. You may not be all that ambitious as yet, but being a blogger, in the long run you could make money or use your blog to kick start a small company of sorts. You could be a provider or writing services or simply capitalize on your reader base to make profits. What would be needed here is a slight SEO friendliness. This would mean using keywords in your titles, giving away a wee bit of information about the article and small rules like these which help in the optimization of your work in a way that the search engine spiders also become fond of you!

So go ahead, wear your thinking caps and try these tips on your own and write back to tell me if it works for you. Good luck!

About The Author: Divya, an established consultant with an SEO Company, has a keen interest in e-commerce. She is a regular blogger at iNetZeal, providing tips and tricks to improve virtual presence.

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  1. Titling my blog posts is something that I do find quite difficultso there is some good advice here, thanks. I especially like the tip about using the proverbs and quotes. This is a useful technique that I use from time to time.


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