Monday 30 April 2012

10 Easy Steps To Boost Your SEO

Want to improve your site's search engine optimization? Here are ten tips to do exactly that.

1. Up-to-date content.

One of the most important steps to SEO is to have a content-rich site. When it comes to SEO, content is golden. Of course, original content is best. It would be a mistake to think that your traffic will rise proportionately to the amount of content you have; it doesn't work that way. However, the best ranking websites do have plenty of content.

2. Avoid spamming.

Updating your content does not merely mean copying and pasting content from the article directories. This will probably only hurt rather than help your rankings. An occasional reprint article is fine, but most of the top bloggers in SEO experts try to avoid too much duplicate content. Likewise, don't spam the same content across your website either.

3. Use keywords in your URLs.

A descriptive URL helps the search engines. A URL like will not be as good as WordPress by default uses the title of each blog post as its permalink.

4. Keep the visitor in mind.

Spend some time planning out your site's structure so as to make it as easy to navigate as possible.

On WordPress, you can choose categories to help visitors find content they are interested in. For example, on my site I have such categories as iPhone and iPad Apps, Mac Models, Mac Software, SEO, Infoproduct Creation, Article Marketing and so on. Someone who is interested in a particular topic, such as iPhone and iPad Apps can view the appropriate category.

5. Avoid excessive outbound links.

Avoid too many jumbled, disorganized links on a single page. Better is to split the links into different categories or sections. Too many outbound links can make your site look like a link farm and can actually drive down your search engine rankings.

6. Avoid linking to "bad neighborhood" sites.

Linking to disreputable or unlawful sites could cause your own site to be blacklisted. Resist the temptation to link to such sites even if such a link seems to offer benefits.

7. Steer clear of adware and spyware.

Never allow your site to be a home for adware or spyware. If your blog should be hacked - something that happens all too often these days - get it cleaned up immediately to stay in the good graces of the search engines. Keep your site clean and friendly to your visitors.

8. Avoid text cloaking or keyword stuffing.

Don't try the old trick of placing text on a site so as to be visible to the search engines but invisible to the visitors. Search engines are getting a lot smarter these days - in some cases they can even rank the graphical information on a site.

9. Choose a reliable web host.

It does you no good to have a great website that is often offline. Therefore, choose a web host of greater than 99.5% uptime.

10. Use an iPhone app

You can check your SEO on the go with one of the many apps for the iPhone and iPad. For example, Scott Hendison's SEO Automatic evaluates all the top factors of your site's SEO. SEO Manager by at2 GmbH provides History graphs of your rankings, checks PageRank and analyzes your Competitors. SEO Pro by Benjamin Spiegel monitors Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Yahoo Inlinks, Yahoo Indexed, Rank, URL Diggs and more.

Follow these tips to greatly improve your SEO at minimal cost.

About The Author: This article was written by Timothy Arends. You might get the impression that the Mac is the forgotten stepchild of the Internet marketing industry. But did you know that some of the top names in Internet Marketing use Macs? Visit and get a FREE 75-page ebook that covers everything you need to know about running your Internet business using a Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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