Monday 16 April 2012

5 Great YouTube Marketing Tips And Tricks To Engage Your Audience

YouTube is one of the most successful and powerful social media platforms on the web, and it has long been recognized by brands and marketers as an essential tool for multimedia marketing strategy.

YouTube is not just a platform for uploading and watching videos - it is also a vibrant and fast-moving community of diverse users with considerable consumer power. Like Facebook, YouTube offers brands and marketers a strong platform for opening and maintaining dialogue with their potential customers, enabling brands to make the customer experience deeper and more personal.

Here are five tips for using YouTube effectively as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Prioritize good content

It doesn't matter whether you are a highly successful consumer brand or a brand new company marketing B2B, your priority should be creating great content that will engage customers. Think beyond conventional video content and concentrate on creating engaging and compelling content that will start discussions with your customers. Try to highlight your product or service in an interesting or unconventional way. Content doesn't necessarily have to go "viral" to be a success - most of your customer engagement will be built through the so-called "long tail". Consider video as an alternative way of providing content - if you can write it as a blog post, you can make it into a video.

2. Follow up on your content

Channels which simply post videos can hope to achieve a certain degree of success, but the best way to build the reputation of your brand and boost sales is to use videos as a vehicle for engaging directly with customers. Encourage followers to post video responses to your content; and respond to customer engagement in a timely and direct way. Old Spice's interactive YouTube campaign, which involved creating more than 180 video responses to commenters, boosted the company's sales by 107% in just one month.

3. Promote a strong brand identity

Key to a successful YouTube marketing strategy is ensuring that all of your content and engagement is in keeping with your brand's unique "voice" and the goals that you have for e-marketing. If you want to establish your brand as helpful and customer focused, how-to videos and responses to questions are a good way to do this. Be professional, friendly, and concentrate on providing the highest level of service. View YouTube as another channel for speaking to your customers. Create playlists and feature the best of your content in your channel's right column.

4. Use feedback to inform your marketing

Your aim should be create content on YouTube which addresses the needs of your audience. Create playlists of your most popular videos so that they can be found by new users and shared by existing users as quickly and easily as possible. YouTube itself offers marketers some great analytics for learning about who is watching your videos and how they found the content. Find the content which most resonates with your target customers.

5. Make sure users can find your content

Key to a successful marketing strategy on YouTube is discoverability. To help more users to find your videos, there are three main areas to focus on. Firstly, put your targeted keywords in the video's title. An effective trick is to put a colon after these first keywords and write your title in a different way after it. Secondly, start your video description with a complete URL and make your description as keyword-rich and descriptive as possible. URLs throughout the description will also help. Thirdly, include all your target keywords and any related keywords in the video's tag field.

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