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Articles and Resources:

Top Blog and RSS Directories - A comprehensive list of Top Blog and RSS Directories to submit your blog and RSS Feed to.

Top Social Networking Sites For Business - A comprehensive list of social networking sites specifically designed for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Services To Monetise Your Blog Or Website - Monetising your blog or website is something that every new blog owner and webmaster should do if they want to earn revenue from their site. Here's a list of my Top 5 services for monetising your blog or website.

Top 10 Free Marketing Tools - A great article listing 10 useful and free online marketing tools to help build your online business.

Tips & Tools On How To Grow Your Twitter Following - Growing a large following is something many new Twitter users struggle with. Here's a great article giving you some tips and tools on how to steadily grow your Twitter following.

The 10 Week SEO Diet - You don't need to be proficient at SEO to make a difference to your search engine rankings. There are several easy steps you can take that can make an immediate difference to your site's visibility. This article gives you a 10 week plan that will quickly put your site on the path to higher rankings.

Bloggers Network - The Bloggers Network is a group for bloggers to network with each other. Advertise your blog, post your latest blog posts, plus discuss anything to do with blogging.

Mirage Business Network - The Mirage Business Network is a page for business owners and affiliate marketers to network with each other. Advertise your business, post your latest offers, plus discuss anything to do with business.

Blog and Website Monetisation:

VigLink - A content monetisation company that makes affiliate marketing very easy for bloggers and website owners. In one easy step and with over 12,500 merchants, VigLink automatically monetises your blog or website without the need to spend time and effort joining affiliate programs, installing and maintaining affiliate links.

Skimlinks - Based in the UK, Skimlinks is another content monetisation company that makes affiliate marketing very easy for bloggers and website owners.

BidVertiser - Popular with many bloggers, BidVertiser is an advertising network that pays you for every visitor that clicks on an ad. Their goal is to enable you to make as much money as possible by letting advertisers bid on your advertising space.

Domains and Web Hosting:

GoDaddy - The world's largest domain name registrar has been offering the latest TLDs (top-level domains) at the industry's lowest prices since 1997. At GoDaddy, you can register a domain for up to 70% less than other registrars and get hosting, an easy-to-use site-builder, personalised email account, blog/podcast tool, photo album and more all absolutely free. They'll get you up and running on the Web for just the cost of your domain registration.

File Sharing and Backup:

Dropbox - This free service lets you bring all your photos, documents and videos anywhere. This means that any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, phones and even the Dropbox website. Dropbox also makes it easy to share with others, whether you're a student or professional, parent or grandparent. This service is an ideal solution for blog owners wanting to offer their readers ebooks for example but have no place to host them.

Social Media Management:

HootSuite - Save your time and your sanity. Monitor and post to multiple social networks, including Facebook and Twitter using the HootSuite dashboard.

BuzzBundle - BuzzBundle is a top-notch SMM platform that takes your social media management to the next level. This high-end SMM application helps you easily manage a massive amount of social media accounts, monitor your social media performance and create a robust online reputation for your website or brand.

Free SEO Software and Tutorials:

SEO PowerSuite - This complete website promotion software set has become the de facto standard for website optimisation. SEO PowerSuite is made up of four software tools (Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant) that guarantee you leadership in search engines and new streams of visitors.

The Beginner's Guide to SEO - New to SEO? Need to polish up your knowledge? The Beginner's Guide to SEO has been read over 3 million times and provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to professional quality Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

Free Guides and Reports:

Free Internet Marketing Guide - 30 Proven Internet Marketing Strategies to help you grow your business online.

Free Email Marketing 2.0 Report - Discover how to close more sales, get repeat business and build lasting, profitable relationships with your contacts using email marketing.

Free Edge of Success Guide - A must-have resource guide that will help you take your business to the next level.

Free Website Conversion Guide - 13 proven strategies to boost your website conversion rate.

Free Small Business Marketing Guide - 7 proven marketing strategies that will transform your business.

Free Marketing Ebooks and Whitepapers:

18 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind In 2017 - To say SEO has changed a lot would be an understatement. This free guide will point out all of the most common myths and assumptions about how SEO works and debunk them for you to ensure that you're not wasting a single moment on things that simply don't matter for SEO in 2017.

The Essential Guide To Social Media Advertising - With billions of people on social media today, your target customers are likely there too. This free ebook will walk you through how to make successful paid advertising campaigns across the three main social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - so you can reach potential fans and customers that you have been unable to reach before.

Display Ads And Inbound Marketing - Digital advertising is an important tool in the arsenal of today's marketers but too often, marketers forget that we live in a changing digital landscape. What used to make for effective advertising often just doesn't cut it anymore. This free guide will help you create retargeting and display ads the inbound way - that means creating marketing that people love.

An Introduction To Business Blogging - This free 83-page ebook will walk you step-by-step through the blogging fundamentals and show you how to start reaping the benefits of this marketing channel.

15 Business Blogging Mistakes And Easy Fixes - Whether you've only just decided to launch a blog for your business or you've been blogging for a while, the free 15 Business Blogging Mistakes And Easy Fixes ebook will help prevent you from making the most common business blogging mistakes and teach you how to fix them.

6 Ways To Generate Leads With Google+ - If you are facing challenges with attracting new leads on Google+, don't worry. With this free ebook from HubSpot, you are on your way to master this new social network for lead generation.

How To Use Pinterest For Business - Learn how to drive traffic and leads to your website with Pinterest.

Learn How To Attract Customers With Twitter - The biggest mistake marketers make with Twitter is not realising its full potential as a way to bring in more revenue. In this free ebook, you will discover the different stages of optimising your Twitter presence for attracting leads and customers.

How To Attract Customers With Facebook - Learn how to increase the ROI of your Facebook efforts and attract leads and customers through your campaigns. This free ebook will walk you through the steps of planning, implementing and measuring a successful organic and paid Facebook strategy.

How To Master Facebook Marketing In 10 Days - Learn how to quickly build a faithful following on Facebook with this free ebook from HubSpot.

The Ultimate How-To Marketing Guide - Download by more than 54,000 marketers, this free ebook unlocks invaluable advice from best-selling author David Meerman Scott.

The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Glossary - You've probably heard about using a hashtag on Twitter, the importance of attracting inbound links to your website, or ways to set up drip marketing campaigns. The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Glossary lists all the definitions you will ever need to be a marketing rockstar.

Marketing Books, Training and Tools:

Best Selling Marketing Books - A selection of Bestselling Marketing Books from Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing Books - A great selection of books on affiliate marketing direct from Amazon.

Niche Profit Classroom - NPC is the premier destination for learning how to become a highly paid super affiliate. Gain immediate access to high-quality video training that walks you step-by-step through building your affiliate business.

The Internet Marketing Advantage - Get immediate and on-going access to over 200 videos, 80 manuals, case studies as well as thousands of dollars worth of software with IM Advantage.

Traffic Travis Free SEO And PPC Software - Interested in learning about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? With Traffic Travis you will find out how to outrank your competitors on the search engines, uncover simple website optimisation mistakes and build quality links with ease...saving you time and money.

Video Tutorials:

SiteProNews Webmaster Videos - SPNVideos offers 40 video channels dedicated to topics of interest to webmasters. Topics include SEO, Business, Blogging, Social Bookmarking, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Interviews, Web Browsers and Technology. With more than 3,800 videos added to date and new videos added daily.

Blogs of Interest:

Business Guest Blogging - Business Guest Blogging provides guest posts from some of the top businesses in Europe including WPS, Dell and many others. If you are looking to boost your company's profile and presence on the web, then join their guest posting community on Europe's world class business blog.

Daily Blog Tips - A blog by Daniel Scocco which provides tips to help you make money blogging. The blog also provides tips on web design, search engine optimisation and promotion.

Famous Bloggers - Famous Bloggers is a multi-authors blog and Social Network platform built on the contributions of its authors. They are serious about creating a fun, safe, rewarding, and effective Social Network platform for SEO, Marketing, Traffic, Design, Social Networking and Making Money Online Tips.

ProBlogger - A blog by Darren Rowse that provides blogging tips and helps bloggers to add income streams to their blogs.

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