Wednesday 18 April 2012

Top 3 Blogging Tips For Increasing Internet Presence

So, you've created a professional Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile, but you're still not getting the recognition you expected. In the current digital age, employers tend to be more surprised when an applicant DOESN'T have a presence on these mediums than when they do.

While utilizing other social media platforms such as Reddit, StumbleUpon and the newer Google+, your best of chance of getting recognized is to link all of your media into one area. If you really want to stand out from other applicants in the job market and increase your Internet presence, creating a blog is the best way to establish credibility and really allow potential employers (or even potential business partners) to see what you're capable of. In the meantime, consider the following helpful tips to get started:

Write for your target audience

According to marketing professional and blogger extraordinaire Jim Connolly, you should tailor your blog according to your audience and no one else. It's impossible to satisfy every reader that visits your blog, and the truth is, you probably don't even want to. A message that attempts to please everyone will end up being unfocused and uninspiring, which will, ironically, have the exact opposite affect you intended by simply not interesting any visitors. Evaluate who your audience is, and who you want your audience to be. If you're in the job market, make sure to exemplify your skills and value for employers in your field through the messages expressed in your blog.

Leverage your other social media sites

Alia Haley of Today Tricks claims that one of the best ways to maximize your online presence is to utilize every social media resource at your fingertips. By simply sharing your blogging links with friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you have already gained exposure to three extensive audiences.

Social media not only offers the opportunity to share with your friends and colleagues, but also the networks of these individuals through link sharing and other exposure-increasing methods. However, just adding links to your other sites isn't good enough. You must maintain the sites and remain active and engage with others while updating your blog often.

Inspire your reader

When offering advice to aspiring bloggers, professional blogger Darren Rowse explains that blogs should enhance the users' experience, or chances are that reader won't return. Any blogger can rehash generic information on the subject at hand, but the most successful bloggers offer interesting takes and unique information that both inspires and entertains the reader.

Your online presence depends on your readership, and satisfied readers typically lead to a larger audience overall, thus increasing your online presence. A good way to discover interesting or thought-provoking topics is to navigate through Yahoo! Answers. Type in related search query keywords to see what people are asking. Be the first to answer these questions and not only will this establish you as an authoritative leader in your industry, but your blog will end up returning more views as you are answering pertinent questions.

About The Author: Lindsey Harper Mac is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in writing guest posts on social media and education. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master's degree.

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