Tuesday 14 September 2010

Monetise Your Blog With VigLink

Many bloggers monetise their blog by selling ads on their site, but now there's a quick and easy way to get paid for your actual content rather than just the ads that go around it.

Any time you write about a product or service, you're connecting your audience to that product. If someone makes a purchase, the seller benefits from your written word i.e. you influenced a purchase. There are thousands of websites that will pay you a fee for any business you bring them through a form of online advertising called affiliate marketing. With affiliate ads, web publishers are compensated for driving online actions.

VigLink is a content monetisation company that makes affiliate marketing very easy for bloggers and website owners. They offer a simple snippet of code you can install in your blog or website that automatically and transparently does all the work for you. They've catalogued and signed up for more than 12,500 affiliate programs and they collect all the performance information and deliver you a single integrated payment.

By installing VigLink on your site with a few lines of HTML, you're instantly enrolled in thousands of affiliate programs. Even before you make your first cent, their analytics will help you find your most valuable links.


Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

If you're an Affiliate Marketer like me, you know that signing-up to different affiliate programs, installing the HTML code and keeping track of affiliate links can be a real nightmare, not to mention time-consuming. One quick and easy install from VigLink and all those problems are solved.

Enjoy coverage of over 12,500 merchants programs across more than 20 affiliate networks (including Commission Junction, LinkShare and TradeDoubler). Automatically participate in all of them with a single simple signup. No more hand-editing affiliate links, no more trying to merge report spreadsheets by hand. You'll never have to register for an affiliate program again.

VigLink doesn't interfere with any of the existing affiliate links on your page, so all the work you've already done is safe. VigLink only looks for links you may have missed or programs you're not already using. Also, There are no costs or fees and nothing changes about how your site looks or behaves.

Setup Is Free And Easy

Just paste a few lines of HTML into your blog or website, that's it. Link to other sites the same way you always have. With VigLink there aren't any special link codes for you to remember. They will automatically add them when visitors click a link to leave your site.

For more information and to join VigLink, visit: http://www.viglink.com


  1. Signed up! Thanks for the information Derek. I am excited to see what happens

  2. Thanks Derek! Trying it now...

  3. Thanks for the tip. Signing up :)

  4. This is a great tool! I am preparing to run it on my blog as well! Thanks Derek!

  5. Thanks Derek, I am checking this out now. Looks like this can make our affiliate marketing so much easier.

    Kathy Clark


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