Monday 9 April 2012

How To Get Business By Blogging

Blogging for Business
Starting a professional blog can be one of the most effective ways to grow a customer base and build client confidence in your company and your products at the same time. One of the most effective marketing aspects of the Internet is that you can reach millions of people simultaneously with important information about your company.

When you start blogging and following good Internet marketing practices for promoting your blog, then you will definitely begin to see an increase in web traffic and company revenue.

Develop New Content Every Day

You can use topics such as new product updates, new company information or answers to customer questions as a way to add new content to your blog every day. People will not visit your blog if you do not have something new to offer. The blogs that add relevant and new content on a daily basis will get the most traffic and the most customers.

Create a Social Network

Your blog should be tied in to your social networking sites so that you can use those sites to announce new blog posts. Most blog hosts also have communities of their own where you can read other people's blogs and leave comments. The more active you are in promoting your content and interacting with other people, the more traffic you will draw to your blog.

Always Be Selling

When you put up new blog posts, be sure you end each post with the contact information that your clients will need to buy products from you. Make sure that the link to your main website is prominently displayed on the front page of your blog so that clients can easily find it. When you write articles introducing new products, put links in your post that will take customers to the product information and ordering page on your website. Every post you make on your professional blog should always be selling your products.

Develop Good Relationships With People That Can Help

Many business professionals and company owners that have products complimentary to yours have blogs. You need to find those blogs and start leaving constructive and positive comments that everyone can see. Contact owners of blogs that complimentary to yours and discuss the possibility of putting guest posts on each others blogs. For example, if you sell music CDs then you should contact the owner of a blog that sells stereos and see if you can post a blog on his site and he will post one on yours. If you do this with enough complimentary companies, your audience of potential clients will grow substantially.

Use Links

When you are discussing the manufacturer of a product that you sell, then include a link to that manufacturer's website in your article. Be sure that all of your links are pertinent to your topic and that the links work. The more pertinent links that your blog has, the higher it will move up on the search engine results pages.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an Internet marketing method that uses keywords to help improve your chances of having your content appear on the results pages of major search engines. Use the keyword search tools that are available on each of the major search engines and determine what the most popular keywords are for your industry. Then you need to make sure that between three and five percent of the content on your site is these keywords. Use the keywords in complete sentences that are structurally correct and spread the keywords out in your text.

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