Wednesday 11 April 2012

Using Promotional Products To Support A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media
It is hard to believe that the idea of social media was invented less than a decade ago. Facebook was launched in 2004, YouTube was formed in 2005 and even the online marketing powerhouse Twitter was conceptualized in 2006.

Any small business looking to promote a successful brand image must implement an extensive social marketing campaign, but trying to gather Twitter followers and Facebook "likes" can be exhausting. A stagnant online strategy can become a sinkhole for limited funds and stop a start-up enterprise in its tracks. However, marketing managers should stray away from internet promotions and instead focus on the tried-and-true results generated by traditional approaches such as promotional products.

Social media and promotional marketing are about as unrelated as apples and doorknobs. One deals exclusively in the virtual environment of the internet, while the other provides physical objects that are meant to be given out in person as business gifts. But, if the two can be successfully connected, the potential profit margins are incredible. A small business owner should keep the following things in mind when researching a social marketing endeavour.

Integrating social media terminology into everyday products

As with any promotional item, it is generally advisable to select an object that will provide high visibility through a wide variety of functions. These include items such as custom stress balls, promotional pens, custom coffee mugs and logo usb drives. There is no target audience for these corporate gifts because nearly everyone can find a use for them, which can be a huge advantage from a branding standpoint. Therefore, these are some of the best items to incorporate creative links to Facebook pages or communication in the form of a Twitter hashtag.

The social messages that are included on everyday promotional products need to be carefully scrutinized to ensure that they remain relevant, because there is no way for a hashtag to be changed once it is emblazoned upon a logo tote bag. For example, the message should avoid commenting on a current event. A company should always strive to remain objective to avoid being associated with potentially offensive news, which could render a promotional product unusable.

Reverse the idea and bring promotional products to social media

Social media thrives on creativity, so a promotional advertising strategy should project an air of ingenuity. While still extraordinarily useful, promotional products that incorporate hashtags are not the only way to bridge the gap between the two marketing strategies.

For instance, corporations could give out free wall calendars to the first fifty people who "like" their Facebook page, or a competition could be organized to see who can post the most creative display of a company's services. Social media contests can generate an online buzz that is extremely valuable, and the more innovative, the better.

Remember - most social media campaigns are free

Companies looking for a cost-effective way to promote their services need not worry about a budget when forming a social media website, because most of these can be created at no cost. This financial freedom can open up space for an investment in effective marketing tools such as promotional products.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - there is no telling how long these incredibly useful marketing websites will remain free, so small businesses should jump on the social media bandwagon immediately. Promotional products are a great way to jump-start the solicitation of followers and website traffic, and can result in a significant return on investment.

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  1. 'For instance, corporations could give out free wall calendars to the first fifty people who "like" their Facebook page, or a competition could be organized to see who can post the most creative display of a company's services.' I think this is a good piece of advice, even for someone with a blog like mine. Although my blog is not a business blog, I can see how a giveaway on FB that maybe connects back to the blog etc could generate more followers/clients.

  2. Great tips. I am going to start giving away free items for my blog.

  3. Companies are also trying brand reputation management which includes promotion with the help of products like custom promotional pens, pencils, t-shirts and other personalized products.

  4. Really great post... thanks

  5. Yes, social is now an integral part of marketing - period. That being the case, we do integrate giveaways and promotional products into the campaigns we orchestrate. The example of giving product away in exchange for "Likes" is common (the Like gate we call it) and it also works for coupon codes quite well.

  6. Hey Derek your blog is really informative, thanks for this post and keep posting good content like this. Thanks again.

  7. It is good that social media marketing is not only for the big businesses but also for those small time and beginners. It is very effective for everyone as long as you are doing it right and it is cheaper than other marketing strategies that could not be very effective all the time.

  8. I am really glad that I have found this post and I thank you for letting us know about this information. This is a big help for sure. Thanks!

  9. Yeah, these are all great ideas! The nice thing about giving away different promotional products (such as promotional pens) is that more people are likely to see your brand, and the people that you give them to are more likely to remember you!

  10. Giving away promotional items to loyal customers are great too, because it boost loyalty and at the same time attract new customers. Thanks for sharing this article.

    Promotional items

  11. Its' very advisable to have a good marketing campaign along side with your promotion it's like you'll hitting two birds with one stone.

  12. Now everyone seems to be more conscious about to promote their business for which entrepreneur adopts many methods and techniques to get high promotion, such as use of blogs for business promotion is now a trend and I really adorable to find out such great ways of using blogs for promotion.

  13. This is a very good article and concept. I've been thinking of ways to get my company name out there and I feel that using promotional pens is a great way to do this. Can anybody suggest what kind of events I could bring these pens to?

  14. Using promotional products may be an effective marketing strategy for any business. What’s important is to choose an item that is useful and economical. For wide selection of promotional products in Australia you may also visit Davarni.


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