Wednesday 27 February 2013

Top 5 Smart Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing
Many of us use email in our marketing campaigns, but not all of us are seeing the returns from the effort we'd like. Not everything (or maybe even much) of email marketing is intuitive. Need a hand? Take a look below at our top 5 email marketing tips and see your success skyrocket!

1. Don't Use Too Many Images

It's very, very important to understand email is not print advertising. Most people who receive your emails will not see your images. This means you are not only wasting time and energy designing images for your email marketing campaign but if these images are vital to your message this will be totally lost to a great many of the people receiving it. This is a very bad idea obviously. It's much better to focus your creative energy on great ad copy than on images that will likely go unseen, isn't it?

2. Highlight Your Links

The whole point of your email marketing campaign is to have your targets click through to your landing page, sales page or web page right? The best way to do this within your email is to include your link at every point you think your potential customer could be inspired to click through. In this case more is definitely better! One link per paragraph is a good guideline as well as, of course, at the very end of your email message as well.

3. Don't Hide Your Unsubscribe

One of our essential goals is to avoid having our email marketing campaigns labeled as spam. Make it easy for even the dimmest light bulb in the hallway to unsubscribe from your list and you'll be grateful later. When people have difficulty unsubscribing they will mark your message as spam, adding strikes against your sender reputation. You want unsubscribing as uncomplicated and upfront as possible.

4. Short and Sweet Text

The truth is most of your recipients are only going to scan your message for highlights that catch their eye. Bullet points and very short paragraphs work to your advantage as does bold text to highlight points and varying your font colour. Keep your messages very short and if in doubt make them shorter. The idea is to get sales, not send out books that no one will read anyway.

5. Clean Up Your Email List Frequently

Between messages remove undeliverable addresses, full in boxes and others that bounce back to you. This is not optional, but required if you want your email marketing campaign to succeed. Otherwise you'll be working with bad data as far as keeping track of responses to your campaign and greatly increase your chances of being labeled a spammer by your email provider. Stay on this - if you let it get out of hand it will equal much more work in the long run.

Smart email marketing is as much a science as it is an art. Once you lay down some foundational rules you can go crazy with all your creative savvy to hit home with your message with a much greater chance of success! Following these email marketing tips will get you off to a good start. Let us know if you have a favorite tip you'd like to add!

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