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Learn The Key Formula That Makes An Affiliate Marketing Business Successful

Affiliate Marketing
Have you ever heard of people making money online? I have to say that when I first heard that I thought that it could be possible, but that money online was reserved for those big companies like eBay or Amazon. It was until a few months later that I learned that these internet corporations are not only earning great money, but also they are willing to share it with the average person like you and me if we simply help them to make a sale.

My name is Jose Lozano and I am an affiliate working with RC flying toys such as the F18 RC jet plane. I want to share with you how the affiliate marketing business can sky rocket your success and get you as high as the original version of the jet that I just mentioned.

Affiliate marketing is awesome; those who are current affiliates know that the power of this business relies in the fact that it drives passive income to your pocket, and even when the average commission is around 4% to 6%, this business allows you to earn that single commission multiple times a day. There are people in this business who make 5 sales a day, and there are other people who make 150 sales a day; if they sell a product that costs 100 Dollars, just do the maths and you will know that those are 20 to 600 Dollars a day; you may think that I am exaggerating here but the sweet reality is that I am not.

The opportunity on the affiliate marketing business is growing faster and faster each year, and the numbers of affiliates who are becoming super affiliates (those who make a lot of sales) are going up as well. It is not rare to know about someone who is making a healthy income from the internet these days, and the good news are that these guys are the average people; the skills that are required to run a business like these are not many and actually you don't have to go to college to learn how to make money online.

Get to know both sides of the coin - What are the risks as an Affiliate Marketer

This is a very important thing to explore, everything in life is a risk, and it is fair that you know what the downside of this business is. There are some challenges that you may face in order to make your online business a success story; I would like to give you some details about two of the major ones that I found when I first started, as well as my own advice to overcome these obstacles.

  • Not believing in your business: Most people fail in this business because they have doubts about it and don't have a trusted source of information to answer their questions. The most common doubts that people have are:

    - What skills are required to run an online business?
    - How long does it take to make money online?
    - How long would it take to replace my current income?

    These are all great questions with a simple answer: it depends; the skills that you need to run an online business depend on the type of business that you want to run, don't worry for the technical side; that is the last thing you have to think about unless you want to run a website about technical skills. About the money questions, it will depend on how good you are to apply the key formula to achieve success as an affiliate. I will share this formula with you in a moment so keep reading.

  • The "Get Rich Quick" solution: Some people make money online by cheating others about this whole idea of "Making Money Online", they sell junk products with the promise that your business will run on autopilot, and that one day magically you will wake up and see your bank account full of money. The truth is that this business is like any other business and it requires work in order to reap the benefits. Ask this to any serious affiliate and they will tell you the same thing, so don't fall into those scams that will only slow your way to success.

What is the secret to make money online? - Traffic + Conversion, the formula for success

Let's keep it simple here. Imagine a store where lots of good and high quality products are offered to the public, this business is nice, looks good, smells well, is in the best location and the prices are very low; this amazingly assembled store could be your website, well designed, with the best software, best products and the best content for everyone; but none of that will make you money if no one is visiting your store, you need people getting in so you can make sales; on the internet this is known as traffic. Now imagine that you have a lot of traffic, people is visiting your website constantly and now you are full of men and women watching your content and reviewing your products, but that doesn't make you money either, you need that the people who is visiting your site is actually interested in the products you offer, otherwise you won't make any sales and you will have no money. When a sale is made that is called conversion. In order to have conversion you have to have traffic first, then you can start measuring your traffic versus your conversion and make adjustments to increase conversions.

Some of the scams that are offered on the internet to help you make money are traffic based, and they promise to send you tons of traffic to your site or offer so you can convert, but think about it for a second and you will see that you need targeted traffic, and that targeted traffic is the one that actually converts. Targeted traffic means to have people on your site that is actually looking for the products you offer.

A piece of advice to start your Affiliate Marketing Business

My recommendation in order to learn how to get traffic and increase your conversions is to find a mentor, learn from people who are actually earning a living out of the internet, understand that making money online is easy and fast if you do the right work, it can be one of the bests experiences you have in your life. Remember this: You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace. That is known as the law of income, and it is shared by a very rich gentleman and coach by the name of T. Harv Eker, so you want to make sure you deliver value to your targeted audience through your affiliate marketing business.

What other risks can you identify about this business? If you are an affiliate, what other tips can you share with us? To your Online Success!

About The Author: Jose Lozano is a Successful Online Publisher and an Affiliate Marketer as well. Jose learned a lot about affiliate marketing and now he shares his knowledge with other affiliates as well. Jose belongs to a network of affiliates where some of the senior members have more than a decade of experience as affiliates. Follow Jose on twitter @RCHobbiesonAir.

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