Monday 17 February 2014

Leverage Infographics To Drive Content Marketing Success

Leverage Infographics To Drive Content Marketing Success
Digital marketing has always been a fast-moving industry, starting as the result of ubiquitous Internet use and evolving amid a perpetually shifting consumer landscape. One of the arenas within modern advertising throughout the past several years that is particularly indicative of this trend has been content marketing, which started as just a simple process of publishing keyword-rich content and blossomed into one of the most popular ways in which companies cement themselves as thought leaders.

The biggest changes have undoubtedly related to quality and targeting, but now content marketing is beginning to converge with visual advertising efforts. Studies consistently find that images, infographics and videos can drive engagement with content, and further improve a firm's brand recognition, as well as its ability to reach new prospects through Internet channels.

Infographics have an impact

Regardless of which channel or method a business is using to enrich its digital marketing strategy, the best practices are fairly consistent. However, the real challenge is ensuring that all efforts work in orchestra toward brand goals and maintain a consistent, educated and unique voice that resonates with readers.

Here are some of the benefits of supporting marketing content with infographics:

  • Bite-sized knowledge: The average attention span of adults in the United States and abroad continues to decrease, as one study published by the National Center for Biotechnology found this figure was at 12 seconds in 2000, dropping to 8 seconds in 2013. As such, infographics - when well made - can help capture and retain the attention of target consumers.

  • Readability: The best infographics will always have a distinctive flow that takes the viewer from one information point to another in a structured and rapid fashion. Just as content marketing articles and blogs now must include lists, subheadings and other features that drive the ability to scan, infographics are founded on this ideal outcome.

  • Shareability: As many digital marketers have learned in the past several years, the most successful advertisements will be shared by users autonomously. Twitter has stated that tweets with images are 94 percent more likely to be retweeted, and why not make the pictures themselves entirely informational?

The current trends in content marketing that relate to the popularity of infographics show no signs of slowing, and business leaders would do well to hop aboard this profitable wave.

What to consider when planning infographics

Alignment should always be the highest priority when starting to roll out a new marketing strategy, as the sheer novelty of the methods can quickly hinder brand consistency. The simplest way to ensure infographic efforts are intrinsically tied to the brand voice is to line them up with content marketing efforts, allowing one to support the other.

One might think that an infographic, or video, would simply expunge the need for written content, but this is not the case. Rather, users and consumers are looking for a comprehensive experience that includes a variety of mediums and channels. As such, content marketers should begin putting more focus into the creation and delivery of engaging infographics to accompany their blogs and other writing.

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