Monday 24 February 2014

Five Effortless Things Business Owners Can Do To Boost Their Social Media Presence

Five Effortless Things Business Owners Can Do To Boost Their Social Media Presence
These days there are many creative ways to reach your customers, and social media is something you should embrace in order to get your product out there. Social media is remarkable for many reasons, but one of the most interesting aspects of it is that it gives potential customers a glimpse into your personality and personal voice. Here are five ways to easily use social media to your advantage and start attracting new customers today.

1. Maintaining Your Business Social Media Account

Logging in, updating and staying active is key. Merely setting up an account is just the beginning. It isn't worth it if someone goes through the effort to set up social media avenues, only to abandon them and never update with posts. This is a surefire way to kill your social media presence before it even gets off the ground. Too many times "We should have a blog!" or "We need a Facebook fan page!" comes up in meetings, and then nothing ever comes of it because no one is actually assigned the task.

2. If You Need To, Delegate the Task

If you are running a business, maintaining a social media presence might sound like the last thing you want to do, so don't. Depending on your company's size and needs, you can go from having a team of folks doing this, to hiring an intern that can easily update content. The key is to make sure it is designated within someone's job, so it happens. Everyone can help with ideas and updates, but just make sure there is at least one person whose job it is to come up with posts, solicit feedback from the company, and get creative with fresh unique posts that will attract an audience.

3. Make Sure Your Posts Look Interesting

Pictures and graphics can make your social media posts much more inviting and lively. Simply by adding in a few more details, people are more likely to click through your material. Pictures of your product, events or staff on social media posts can really help bring traffic to your site, and it's so easy to do! A wall of text or boring posts without and graphics can be boring. If you have a unique logo, put it as your avatar so that it stands out and does the advertising work for you.

4. Get Creative with Your Updates

If doesn't all have to be directly about your business. If you decide to have a blog on your site, or post to quite a bit to sites such as Facebook, use these avenues to engage with your customers. Linking to articles and news clips relating to your field is a great way to gain customers interest and trust. By actively engaging in updates in your field you will become a part of a larger community and stand out as a possible industry leader.

5. Use Facebook and Twitter for Promotions

This is a great, simple way to gain more of a following. A quick post detailing a sale or new product is easy enough to do and will boost your visibility. By bringing traffic to your social media sites, these can then be linked to your home site that either provides more information on your business or sells your product. Remember, without that link, these are potential customers that you may not have gotten otherwise.

Social media is a great way to easily make new contacts and customers online. Your online presence can reach a vast audience, and starting an account costs you absolutely nothing besides a few minutes of your time. It is well worth it to easily get online and get started having social media work for your business - and it's the future, so don't get left behind!

About The Author: Hailey Harper is a marketing strategist and writer whose work has been featured on over 30 websites. Her primary interests are strategic marketing, social media, SEO, and business management.

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