Monday 10 February 2014

5 Ways To Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Business Efficiency
Today's small business marketplace remains extremely competitive. Gaining an edge requires savvy business owners to adopt smart practices that transform their operations through implementation of more efficient, cost effective solutions. Here are five ways to maximize the efficiency of nearly any small business.

Take advantage of cloud computing

There are a lot of online resources for file sharing, document creation, project management, and team collaboration. Consider exploring the potential of useful tools like Google Docs,, Asana, or Co-op. This is especially helpful for small businesses that work with telecommuting team members.

Cross-train team members

Create a flexible and efficient team through cross-training. It's no surprise that many small business colleagues wear multiple hats. Capitalize on this by thoughtfully considering the roles that each team member fulfills and cut potential for down-time associated with absences or overloaded workflow.

Use modern tools to better manage time

Time management is critical for small business owners. Current technology provides a range of useful tools that make this even easier. For people using an iPhone, the calendar function is a great resource for tracking scheduled appointments and tasks. In many cases, it's possible to connect a personal calendar with an online resource, like Google Calendar, for flexible access from any device or computer. There are also many great apps in the iPhone App Store for tracking project time, invoicing, and more.

Take advantage of flexible office space

Currently, there are many small business owners working from home offices. For many of these professionals, there is no need for a full-time office space and the expensive overhead that comes with such an investment. However, there are times when choosing serviced offices to rent makes sense. Flexible office space presents the perfect solution for high-profile business meetings or even basic team meetings within a functional work space.

Create an organized system to manage customers and documents

It's important to keep business documents and customer records well-organized. There are many affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that greatly help with documenting account history, improving process workflow, and even tracking leads that convert to sales. Research helpful software solutions like Act!,, or Infusionsoft for more information.

As Internet capabilities expand, owners will find even more ways to make businesses more productive. Innovative resources such as cloud computing, serviced offices to rent, and modern time management tools will continue to deliver efficiency solutions for smart companies now, and in the future.

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  1. Useful information. Especially for me at this time. I'm working on getting organized.
    Thanks for the tips and links.
    Linda Della Donna
    Author of
    A Gift of Love

    1. It's great to see you on here Linda and I'm pleased you found the article helpful. Keep posting those wonderful pics on Facebook. :)

  2. Business at any level requires a proper planning to execute efficiency in the work. Such innovative ideas are really important to make a remark formidably. It is indeed quite essential in this respect. Different techniques can be deployed to gain momentum and outclass others. Professional on hold service for the customers can also be an option to configure in this direction. Trying out some different options can be very handy in such sectors.


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