Wednesday 30 October 2013

How Twitter Can Help Your SEO

Twitter is a useful tool for assisting with SEO efforts. Considered a micro blogging platform, Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites. With such a large network of Twitter members it is the perfect place to concentrate on SEO. Here are some ways that Twitter helps.

Social Signals

Twitter sends out social signals that become visible in the search algorithm for Google. The social signs can help a website rank higher than it may have otherwise. A greater number of social signs place a greater level of importance on a website, which sends it shooting to the top of Google search results. This goes a long way in helping a website's SEO efforts.

Tweeting in order to build up SEO involves doing a few specific things.

Memorable and Impressive Account Name

Every Twitter user has a profile on the website. If a company is trying to step up their SEO efforts they will want to make sure that the account name they choose is one that people will remember. A good rule of thumb is to choose some kind of variation of the company's name. This variation should be related to what people are most likely to type into a search engine bar when looking for a company.

Insert Backlinks Strategically

While not every tweet a company sends out should include a link back to their website, some of the tweets should. It is crucial to make sure a company is not including their link in their tweets either too often or not often enough. The tweets that do include a link to the company's website will almost always drive an increased amount of traffic to the website.

Include Useful Keywords

When a company sends out a tweet they should make every effort to include a relevant keyword or key phrase into the beginning of the tweet. Since tweets are limited to a maximum of 140 characters, users must choose their words carefully. The shorter a tweet, the more effective it is likely to be. Shorter tweets are also easier for others to respond to or to re-tweet. In many cases when someone re-tweets they want to include words of their own in the re-tweet. This means that the original tweet needs to leave enough room for characters for people to be able to add their own thoughts.

Interaction with Consumers

For companies to be successful it is helpful to interact with their followers on Twitter. Commenting on and re-tweeting the tweets a company's followers post makes them feel like the company cares about them. The more friendly and approachable a company appears to be, the more people will want to give the company their business. Tweeting new website content to a company's followers encourages them to keep visiting the website, which helps greatly with SEO efforts.

These are just some of the ways that Twitter can help companies with their SEO efforts. Twitter is a valuable tool to use.

About The Author: Simon Brisk is the head of manual outreach at Click Intelligence, a search marketing agency based in London, Bristol and Cheltenham. Simon writes about search marketing tips, step by step guides and his experience in the field of online marketing.

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