Monday 28 October 2013

It's A Dog Eat Dog World: Five Pieces Of Advice They Don't Teach You In Business School

Business School
Going to college to get a degree in business can help you tremendously in the future. Potential employers may look at your educational history and place importance on the school that you attended. However, business school isn't the only place that you'll learn valuable life lessons. Whether you are in the boardroom or on the sales floor, here are five pieces of advice that they don't teach you in business school, but that you'll probably end up using in the professional world.

Promise The World, and Do Your Best to Come Through

When you are in college, it can seem a bit scary to go out on a limb and over extend yourself and your promises. However, in the real world, it is important to make sure that people know you are confident in yourself and that you have lofty expectations. If you make plans for yourself that are over the top, other people will see your desire and commitment to be successful. And when you complete your task, people will be amazed by all of your work and effort.

Step Up to the Plate

With every profession in life, the people that succeed are those that are willing to step up and lead. In college, you may feel expected to play fair and give an equal amount of work to other students. But in the business world, it's important to put yourself ahead of others and be confident in yourself to get things done. If you want to set yourself apart, you need to do the things that others will not.

If You Can't Find the Problem, It May Be You

Have you ever been in a group project in college where you keep pointing fingers at someone who isn't pulling their weight, but they seem to be oblivious to their lack of contribution? Well, the same happens in the business world. If you keep finding issues or problems with something that you are doing, but you can't pinpoint the root of the problem, it may be time to evaluate yourself. Once you realize that you may be the reason for the problem, it's much easier to begin working towards a solution.

Be Clear

In business school, you will probably learn a lot of jargon that may sound good on paper, but that does not work when used in the business world. When working with a new group of people or advertising to the masses, make sure that everyone understands your message and that there is no confusion. Just remember, the real world isn't a thesis statement that is graded by your professor, it's a message that is being understood by your peers. For example, a dentist should not be using technical terms when describing their procedures, but they should use simple ideas and words that can be understood by everyone. This can be a difficult task; however, a dental advertising service can help with this process.

Always Come Through

In the real world, no matter what your profession is, your word is your reputation. In business school, you can get away with saying you are sick and need an extra day to complete a paper. In the real world, this simply will not work, since others will be relying on your work. If you promise something, or are simply expected to do something, be sure that you do it.

You are sure to learn a lot of great lessons in business school, but there are some things that you simply will need to discover on your own.

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