Friday 25 October 2013

How Pinterest Can Help Your Small Business

Pinterest being a relatively new social media platform, many small businesses are unaware of how they can make good use of it. One main reason people seem reluctant to try this social network is because it is quite different from some of the other major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In order to understand how you can make use of this tool, you must first understand how other small companies are using Pinterest in their business.

Pinterest can help you build your online presence. Develop a marketing plan that is well-thought out to make Pinterest work for you. You can make use of the following ideas to use Pinterest effectively in your business.

Conduct Market research

When you are well versed with how to use Pinterest you can even benefit by understanding the market trends and knowing the preferences of users on Pinterest. After you pin something, you can check if people actually like your pin and repining it. Also, make note whether you are getting any new followers for your pin. When you do, observe their profiles to know the kind of people interested in your product so that you can add more tailored content keeping them in mind.

Promote what you sell

For those businesses selling products, Pinterest can be a very good way to showcase products to users through pictures. Share images of your best products but a better approach would be to include pictures of customers using your products. You can also add pictures giving customers step-by-step instructions on how to use your product. You can assign a pin as a product by adding the price of the product in the product description. The price must be accompanied by the dollar sign or whichever currency you plan to use. By doing so, the product will also be added to the gifts section on Pinterest.

Share videos

You can share videos on Pinterest by embedding them into Pinterest itself. Small businesses can greatly benefit from sharing videos and so this feature should definitely be used to promote your business.

Feature blog posts

Pinterest is increasingly being used by bloggers in order to give emphasis to their blog posts and also to create visual representations of their content. To make this happen, you must add graphics like photos to your blog post so that when your post is pinned Pinterest will be able to pull the right image.

Share space with others

Pinterest is more effective when used as a group activity. You can involve your employees, customers and other Pinterest users. You can assign boards to your employees or loyal customers where they can share their ideas and have discussions. This can help you learn what your customers feel and help you learn from each other too.

You can also create boards that highlight useful information from sources other than yours. You can include images from your customers and clients that your target audience might find appealing. Also, include interesting images on your company website so that Pinterest users might be encouraged to pin those pictures on their boards.

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  1. I understand that some times pinterest helps businesses that have some product that they can in the form of a image video etc. But can a business entity that delivers digital products online have a pinterest account to share their products ? Its been a serious questions for me because one of my colleagues started his own business online but provides only digital materials to the end user. How and in what way do you think he can use piterest help him with is marketing online ?


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