Wednesday 26 June 2013

How Webinars Can Help Your Business

We once again witness a significant change in how the digital marketing game is being played, thanks to the fast-growing popularity of webinars.

Webinars work as online workshops or conferences that aim to educate its participants on a specific topic by providing helpful information through slides or live video streaming. The best thing about it is that it allows the audience to interact by raising concerns or asking questions, usually through a chatbox provided. It's simply like attending a seminar at the comfort of your own home or office.

Small and big businesses alike are starting to make use of this tool to reach out to their audience or to enhance employee training. If your business is not yet practicing it, here are some reasons why you should jump into the bandwagon of hosting webinars:

You can create a mailing list for future marketing campaign

People sign up for your webinar with their e-mail address. This gives you an opportunity to collect contacts that you can use for marketing services in the future. With this, you can create a mailing list which you can easily refer to in sending out invitations when you want to host a webinar again or email campaigns and newsletters about your product or service.

It can be profit-generating

Not dishing out a lot of cash to host a webinar is a good thing, but what's even better is how it can actually help your business generate income. While some webinars are free and open to the public, the idea of paid webinars is not at all new. You can always opt to charge attendees if you're confident the session will be well worth it. Likewise, you can record the whole webinar and sell it as a product that people can listen to whenever they want to.

Draw and engage audience

Webinars can result to good customer retention and loyalty. Hosting one gives them an impression that you are willing to help them be educated with what your product is about, and other related topics that can be useful to them. Come up with a compelling topic and make sure to provide a good program where audience can also ask questions and get answers, just like in any real seminar.

Concerns can be raised internally

Webinars are not only for your audience. Try to look at it in a way that will help internally or build relationship among your employees. Schedule a quick webinar at a convenient time, preferably during lunch break. Make sure that the tone of the session is more casual than stern so they can comfortably pitch in ideas or raise concerns in the chat box. You can set an agenda for the webinar, but be also prepared for questions and issues that will be raised even if it's beyond the given topic.

It's a cheap and efficient way for employee training

Another way for employees to benefit from a webinar is through using it as a training tool. Despite the presence of technology and all the wonders it brings, a company's best asset and secret weapon will always be its brain and manpower. Thus, it is always wise to constantly upgrade your team's skill to have better productivity and efficiency. This can be achieved through training and seminars. However, flying in an expert or an employee from another branch can be costly, with the plane ticket, accommodation, and other logistics. Webinars can help you skip on these expenses because you don't need to fly in anybody at all. You can choose to hire a proficient speaker or you can simply have slides prepared for the whole training.

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