Monday 17 June 2013

How Social Media Has Changed The Way Your Business Recruits

In recent years the recruitment process has changed dramatically in business. With the evolution of social media not only has our means of communication, interaction and sharing changed, but the way in which companies employ and individuals search for jobs has changed notably too. Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin have all had respective hands in this transition, each with their own new approaches to spreading the word on employment. Whether you are recruiting or job seeking for an accountancy job, a position in the healthcare, construction or media sectors, open your eyes to the world of social media to maybe find your ideal employee.


So, how do employers and recruiters use Linkedin in their hiring process? Linkedin is essentially a professional social media outlet, or your online Curriculum Vitae or resume that is being platformed to the wider professional industry. Recruiters are able to target candidates specifically on their company, location, industry and skill set. Using Linkedin makes it particularly easy to find the exact type of person they are looking for by narrowing their search and refining candidates by education, skill and experience. Employers are able to directly contact potential employees through InMail, Linkedin's messaging environment. The number of Linkedin members is continuing to increase and in turn the pool of potential employees deepens. Linkedin makes it easy to apply for jobs. When employers are posting jobs, they can simply add an "Apply with Linkedin" button to job postings. Individuals with Linkedin profiles will find suggestions of job offerings that suit them, Linkedin can detect when somebody is actively job hunting and more job postings will appear on their profile.


A new era of social media recruiting emerged late last year when Facebook launched its very own job board. For now it is primarily active in the United States. However knowing social trends it is bound to expand to the wider recruitment community. Facebook alongside the U.S. Department of Labor and other government agencies came together to form the "Social Jobs Partnership" and in turn release the long awaited job board. The job board aggregates 1.7 million openings from recruitment companies and opens a pool of job opportunities to Facebook users across the US. The page allows users to search for jobs by location, industry and skill apply to them directly through Facebook and then share the jobs to their social network.


Twitter has become a key tool in the recruitment process for employers and job seekers alike. In Ireland the hash tag #jobfairy has become an integral part of job hunting and one of the prime outlets for any individual job search. Employers simply advertise their available position on Twitter. The tweet usually consists of a short description of the position, as well as a link to their website with more details on the offering. The tweet is then concluded by #jobfairy. Job seekers can search for the hashtag and all relevant tweets will appear. The hashtag is used across all industries including healthcare jobs, corporate finance jobs and posts in the creative industry.

Traditional recruitment notices in newspapers are dwindling in favor of such easy accessible websites and social media platforms. Companies are increasingly embracing social media and recruiting. In 2012 98% of recruiters used Linkedin to find top candidates during recruitment. This year employers are expected to use social media including Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for 80% of their hiring.

Trends in recruitment are continuing to broaden and social media is certainly assisting in this process.

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