Wednesday 24 April 2013

What Should Large Businesses' Technology Strategy Include?

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Technology has a role to play in the operation of every business. For large businesses, however, it can be central to everything and perform a major supporting role. This is true whichever way you look at it; servers for maintaining data and systems, powerful communications channels for both internal and external means, and the hardware that employees of a business use.

How a large business approaches technology can affect everything that happens "in house," from the level of morale and productivity of the team to expenditure and bottom line profitability.

What should the technology strategy of a large business look like and include?

Making Room for Innovation

Whenever a part of a business is "in transition," it can be difficult to get excited about anything that happens within it. However, the reality of technology is that, by its very nature, you're always going to be in transition in this respect.

The reason for this is that in an ideal world you will always be looking for ways to innovate and take your technology forward. However, the trick for large businesses is to ensure that the majority of their employees can continue using the platforms that are already in place, while a specialist team of IT-professionals and developers focus on research or coming up with a new idea.

If a business can achieve this, the natural evolution of their technology will be effortless.

Keeping it Green

Today, the demands on a business when it comes to being environmentally friendly are bigger than ever before. If a company isn't green, then at best they can expect to get some negative publicity.

Businesses should be doing all they can to ensure they are as green as possible when it comes to technology. How they go about this is up to them; some are choosing to use cloud technology to a greater extent to minimize the energy they use from a physical data centre, while others are embracing green technology to the fullest extent, using energy monitors, solar panelling, and other initiatives.

A Commitment to Training

One aspect that holds back even the biggest businesses is that they operate in a kind of "need to know" bubble when it comes to technology. While this is perhaps not necessarily an issue at ground level in more junior positions - there may be advanced programs that are relevant to those higher up in the company - it is definitely something that should be looked at from the top down.

Many businesses exist where senior executives have no clue around the systems and technology being used by those at various levels in the company. Of course, these executives will look at their output in terms of finances and what they add to the business; is it really fair to do this without a real knowledge of how they work?

At the same time, the role of technology in the world is increasing all of the time, so there should be a real commitment to training and continued development at all levels. Without this, a company will stagnate, and it is likely that other areas will suffer as a result, such as the morale and productivity we alluded to earlier.

A technology strategy with clear objectives that benefit everyone in the business is important for a large company to make the most of what they're using; without one, they are making life difficult for themselves unnecessarily.

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