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Strategies For Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest Posting
Guest posting is a great way to build relevant inbound links to your website which contributes to about 80% of what you can do to improve your SEO rankings. It is important to mention that on-page SEO is about 20% of what you can do to rank your site organically.

Guest posting in some cases is also referred to as guest blogging. It is one of the best ways to build authority to your site. However, identifying the best guest posting opportunities for link development strategy is the most difficult part. You can build credibility around your site by guest posting or guest blogging on the most credible locations or guest blogging sites.

When you are starting a site from scratch, it is rare to get an audience. However, you shouldn't find this a problem anymore if you use the following best strategies to find the best guest posting or guest blogging opportunities.

Search engines

This is one of the quickest and most intuitive ways to finding relevant guest posting opportunities related to your website's niche. It is for this reason that you should make Google and other big search engines your great friends. Once you find the relevant guest blogging locations you are looking for, it is very vital that you check if they have a well-established guest post system. You can do this by checking if they've ever accepted guest posts in the recent past. Ignore guest blogging sites that lack the history of accepting guest posts.

You can also check out the advanced Google blog search bar if you can't find the best guest posting location using the traditional Google search bar. This is quite simple because it involves searching for your primary keywords with quotations like "write for us", "submit guest post" and "submit an article" etc.

Leveraging social media

Once you have exhausted all the advanced search engine queries mentioned earlier, social media can be your best option to turn to. It mainly involves looking for friends on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter who have guest blogging sites relevant to your site's niche. For instance, you can do this by typing and scanning for the keyword on twitter directories like Twellow and Wefollow. This gives you a pretty good list of people who have guest posting sites you can actually put your guest post. Leveraging with social media is the only way to find influencers around a specific topic relevant to your niche.

Spy on your competitors

This is one of the best strategies you can use to find the best guest posting opportunities used by your competitors. However, majority of people are not willing to fully exploit this strategy. Check on your competitor's backlinks with SEO tools and sites like Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer or This mainly entails analysis of successful guest posting opportunities used by your competitors. Spying on your competitors is indeed a great strategy to gain additional backlinks with a little effort.

Blog directories

Blogging is the most raging activity online these days. Quite a large number of blogs offer free guest posting opportunities even if you don't have to advertise them. If you can tap into existing blog directories then, make an inquiry with some blogs regardless of whether they advertise or not. If you want to concentrate solely on your website's niche then, look for specific blog directories using search engines like Google.

Leveraging previous guest posts

You can leverage on your previous guest posts by using them as a billboard to advertise your inbound links. Also, mention your availability for guest opportunities by interacting with your commenters. Interacting with your commenters can create an opportunity for you to rub shoulders with the followers who have blogging sites relevant to your niche. This is one big opportunity to grow your audience and a network. The bottom line is: even if you have worked with a blog in the past, take the entire guest post opportunities you can get.

Tell people

This is one rare strategy employed by a few website owners seeking guest posts on other blogging sites. You should put into consideration the fact that one of your visitors could be a blogging website owner who is willing to let you guest post on their sites. Bloggers are always looking for quality content to add to their blogging sites, your guest post might be one of them.

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