Wednesday 22 August 2012

How Google Plus Listing Can Affect Paid Search

Google+ is a new social network that has now opened its arms for business marketing. It has the capability of giving good competition to Facebook which is considered the best social network. Many aspects of Facebook and Google+ are very similar.

There is a +1 button for Google+ which is same as the like button on Facebook; this +1 button allows you to share different types of content and also improve the quality of your own search results. They are listed at the right side of each title; so when a user logs in, he/she will be able to click on the button and show their approval for the listing.

Apart from the organic listing, Google has also added its +1 feature for sponsored listing. This +1 feature of Google has made a great impact on the paid search in the following ways:

  • All the sponsored ads that are shown on Google+ have a +1 button adjacent to the ad.

  • This button is compulsory and there is no way to remove the button from the ad.

  • Any click on the +1 button will not be counted for the pay to the ad sponsor.

  • But the best part here is that the +1 button has no effect on the quality score of the ad.

  • The viewers of your ad are able to see the +1 stats for your ad.

Apart from the above mentioned points, using the Google+ for paid search marketing is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Greater targeting: Google search results are the most widely used results. Therefore, marketing your business here would ultimately help you in reaching your target audience.

  • Speed: Since you use paid search for your business marketing, your ad is being displayed just within few hours on the Google's search result. Therefore, you need not wait for a longer duration for your ad to be live.

  • Control: It is very easy to achieve direct visitors to the relevant page on your site and with the management of Google+ you can have proper control of your budget.

  • Predictability: By using this, you can get a good traffic to your site along with predictable ranking and costs associated. Therefore, the ranking and costs would be more stable and predictable when compared to SEO.

  • Minimise wastage: With right matches according to Google Adwords and by using phrase match combining with negative keywords, you can make sure that your ad will be displayed only for the relevant products only.

  • Greater conversion rates: Usually the conversion rates of PPC are higher than SEO and they are even much higher for display ads.

  • Effect of Branding: Tests have proven that when there is branding affect associated with PPC, it will give positive results even if users don't click on the ad. This will have an impact on the brand awareness during launch or campaigns.

Using the above resources you can easily understand how Google+ is integrated into a search, so you can start managing your online marketing strategy easily for the search plus.

Article written by Kate Ford, a Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter.

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