Friday 10 August 2012

5 Tips For Boosting Facebook Followers

When you attract a large base of Facebook followers, you can effectively market products and get valuable feedback from customers. Here are a few tips to help you start growing your base.

1. Use your Insights. Facebook's Insights provides important information about your page's popularity. You can see fan demographics, which is especially useful if you're having trouble zeroing in on your target audience. You can also see how your posts affect your day-to-day popularity. To build a good network of followers, you'll need to check your Insights at least once a week and before introducing any new campaigns.

2. Make sure that your regular customers know about your Facebook page. If you've just started your Facebook page, you need to promote it via electronic and traditional means. Get a short Facebook address (you can do this in your page's settings menu) and put it on business cards, promotional items, your official website and anywhere else where it makes sense. Your goal is not just to get through to your current customers, but to get their help in spreading your page.

If you're having trouble getting regular customers to "Like" your page, consider offering them a small discount on their next orders or some other small incentive. As they add your page, they'll spread the word and bring in new followers.

3. Post consistently but not overwhelmingly. You don't want to bother your fans, but you want to post regularly to attract shares and likes, which eventually lead to new followers. Try using Facebook's scheduling feature, which is only available to Page owners.

To use the scheduler, type in a status update and click the small clock icon. You can schedule a number of posts to keep your page consistently updated without spending too much time on the website.

4. Offer something through Facebook that customers couldn't get otherwise. As every business owner knows, people like free stuff. If you start a contest, offer a discount or take any other similar action via your Facebook posts, you'll compel your fans to share your page information with their friends.

They'll want to spread the word about a good deal, but you need to offer something that your followers can only get through your Facebook page.

5. Keep a consistent tone that is appropriate for your target audience. You probably know the exact demographics that you need to target. Use a tone that will get across to that audience and don't vary your tone from post to post. People will share your page if it has a sort of personality, and you can only develop that with consistent posts.

This applies to content, too. Don't post professional business-to-business posts followed by cat pictures and viral videos. Stay consistent. However, you can feel free to have some fun on Facebook. Your follower base will grow and interact with you if you keep your perspective and deliver appropriate posts that are in line with what they're expecting.

Article written by Shai Atanelov of New Edge Design, a New York Internet Marketing Company.

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  1. a great read....great, helpful tips

  2. I like this post. I recently wrote an article very similar to this, but also added to not be promotional. Social media sites aren't the place to be overly promotional.


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