Friday 3 August 2012

3 Interesting Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest Board Covers

Pinterest has taken the social media marketing world by storm, and recent changes to the platform have made it friendlier for B2B and B2C brands, giving them much needed visual exposure. Pinterest board covers are a definite way of building a buzz about what you do and can also be useful for building customer engagement.

Recently, the social media platform gave users the ability to edit Pinterest board covers. Before this feature was rolled out, the latest "pin" became the default cover image of the Pinterest board.

With this feature, users can change and edit their cover image to something that resonates with their brand or at least, defines the essence of what they're doing.

Here are three interesting ways brands can use Pinterest board covers:

Highlight a new product

Because Pinterest provides a highly visual backdrop, it can be used to promote tangible products easily. However, the challenge is for B2B players who are primarily selling services and whose target audience may not be using Pinterest.

A new product or service may need a lot of marketing quota to be promoted adequately. By introducing this product/service as your board cover image, along with a piece of call to action text could increase the likelihood of users clicking through to the original source to know more about the product or service.

When doing so, you must make sure that the text you choose must be carefully selected. A call to action phrase is a piece of text that entices users to click on your product to know more about it.

Examples include: 10 productivity boosting tips with ABC product.

Encourage new visitors to view your board

Users may find your Pinterest profile through your website and other social media profiles. For a Pinterest newbie, your profile must speak out to them and tell them about what you do. As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a visual platform which can promise you greater returns compared to a text overload on your website.

A cover image that describes what is inside each board can prove immensely helpful to visitors who don't know what you're trying to sell. Creative, cleverly written board titles are sure-fire winners.

Examples include, "10 free ebooks designed to increase your social media knowledge", or "5 podcasts to make you an online marketing guru".

Build customer engagement

The primary reason brands use social media marketing is to increase customer engagement. You can achieve this by adding witty cover images that define the essence of your brand. A board for customer testimonials with your best testimonial as the cover image will make it easier for clients to hire you.

A cover image that provides a sneak peek into a new service can be used to develop a pre-launch buzz about the product. Or, you could use a Pinterest special coupon code for Pinterest users to increase engagement.

Be creative about using board covers and pins. Some brands that are absolutely rocking Pinterest include Hubspot (B2B), Whole Foods (B2C), and Martha Stewart (B2C). While these may be big players, you can certainly take inspiration from them and develop your own strategy.

About The Author: Khushboo Aulakh writes on behalf of Genie Ventures, who specialise in creating social led consumer shopping sites such as Broadband Genie and Café La Moda.

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