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How Facebook Can Help Your Website SEO

Facebook and SEO
Today, SEO is critical to the success of your website's online marketing campaigns. For best results, you've got to cover every aspect of SEO, and that includes using social media the right way. Learn how Facebook can help your SEO.

When it comes to building a successful SEO strategy, you can't ignore social media, especially Facebook. When used the right way, Facebook's power to drive traffic is phenomenal. How do you use Facebook to help your business and improve your SEO?

Social Media Links Matter

Today one of the many factors that Google considers in ranking is your social media presence and chatter. Facebook provides a more legitimate means of determining the human interest in your company, beyond just how many links you may have bought or artificially built to your site. While SEO experts like to debate about how strong Facebook links really are, the truth is simple: the more people talk about your company on Facebook, the better your website will rank in the search engines. Regularly posting updates on your Facebook page will help your website earn new links even if your SEO campaign is taking a breather. Remember: the age of your links and how many new ones you have pointing toward your site is also a ranking factor!

Facebook Lets You Gather Useful Information For SEO Purposes

Probably the most important role of Facebook for SEO purposes is the supply of relevant information about your company's audience. Websites are typically a one-way platform where businesses can stand on a soap box, so to speak, and blast information and ideas at whoever's visiting. On the other hand, Facebook is much more interactive and serves as a forum where conversations can occur. Using Facebook will keep you in better touch with your clientele and help you get to know more about the people who either are or will become your customers.

Providing fresh content that your readers want and need is important to the success of any website. Using Facebook will help you a lot when it comes to creating content and coming up with new ideas. The best internet marketers are always gleaning information from their social media interactions so they know:

  1. what their target market needs;
  2. what their customers want to know more about and care about;
  3. how customers describe their products or services.

You can translate this knowledge you gained from Facebook into marketable keywords. If you see that a certain topic has sparked conversation and comments, you can translate that into a new post for your blog.

Social Relationships Translate to Powerful Website Links

Using Facebook and social media to build relationships with others in similar industries can help your SEO efforts tremendously. When you connect with other website owners via Facebook, opportunities arise to link to each other's sites via guest posts or even interviews. Relevant links like these are some of the best links to have in terms of increasing your site's rankings and overall traffic.

Your Company's Facebook Page: a Second Website

When it comes right down to it, SEO is all about reaching your audience. Facebook is the best social media tool you can use to do that well. If you do it right, your Facebook page should work a little bit like a second website. You can use Facebook to drive traffic to your commercial website when you release a new product or promotion. While you might want to save all of your SEO tricks for your main website, using a lightweight version of your overall SEO strategy on your Facebook page will improve your page's success and strength. Make sure you use keywords wisely when choosing the title of your company's Facebook page.

See How Facebook Helps Your Website SEO

As is the case with any SEO strategy, it is important to carefully track the effectiveness of your Facebook efforts in your overall web strategy. You will find that consistently updating your Facebook page will eventually translate into better search engine rankings. Create a plan today for your Facebook use and see how it helps your SEO.

About The Author: Julie Crawford is the internet marketing director at rural wireless internet service Broadband Blue.

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