Friday 7 March 2014

Facebook Branding For Online Business

Branding today goes far beyond logos on t-shirts, cute coffee mugs, or even expensive television commercials. The Internet has transformed the way branding takes place and businesses need to adapt. In particular, because so many people are active on the site, Facebook enables businesses with a strong branding strategy to move light years beyond the competition.

Importance of a Strong Logo

A vital part of successful branding on Facebook starts with a digital logo. The best designers keep color, visibility, and pixel-size in mind as they create business logos to best suit their brands. More than any other elements, simplicity and clarity are essential for a memorable, effective logo.

Next, businesses need to showcase their logos in the right places on Facebook to reinforce their identities. Because the profile and cover images on a Facebook page are focused on the most, the logo should be placed in either of these spaces to have the biggest impact. For example, on the Facebook page for the national restaurant chain Applebee's, what initially started as their name paired with an image of an apple has been reduced to only the apple; simplifying their brand identity for quick consumption. Importantly, the image is currently showcased as their profile image.

Although Applebee's 5 million likes on Facebook didn't come entirely from their logo, it can be assumed that the memorable, simple, red apple did help draw people in. Even for a smaller business, a strong, well-featured logo on the site will serve as an effective cornerstone to a comprehensive brand-building strategy. Good images are heavily featured on Facebook and are required for gaining new likes and user engagement on the site. Businesses that take advantage of strong logos will likely gain more followers on Facebook and solidify their brands.

Facebook Profile "Identity"

Brand identity on Facebook also relies on what is shared on a business page and the language used to share it. A business that creates a unique, relatable "voice" in their posts will be more likely to gain an identity and build their brand on the site. Applebee's, for example, recently posted, "Steak the long way home. Stop at Applebee's tonight" and featured a picture of one of their steak dishes. With the quick, humorous, enticing post, Applebee's helped build a memorable, unique identity for itself.

As a business increases visibility with an active and detailed Facebook page, their web presence also increases. Consistent and pertinent updates will keep a Facebook page high on the list of common search engines, which is essential to business success in the Internet age. Notably, this attention to branding is useful in increasing a business's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking as well as increasing viral commercial activity. Better SEO means more business.


Facebook enables clients or prospective clients to have an interactive experience with a company. As the marketplace is flooded with new businesses, the Facebook platform provides away for clients to compare services and goods. Ultimately, maintaining an accessible presence via Facebook shows brand consistency and company vitality.

Watching the competitors has also never been easier, nor has developing creative ways for a brand to stand out. With easy access through a few clicks and scrolls, the entire competitive marketplace is available to peruse. To take advantage of this, many companies are hiring new designers and using their most effective branding teams to scour the Internet - and Facebook in particular - to scope out the competition. With Facebook, the brand can easily evolve, keep up with trends, and maintain corporate quality assurance.

Company Identity and Lifestyle Branding

Facebook branding allows businesses to not only increase site traffic, but also strengthen their corporate ideals in a fun, non-threatening, "lifestyle" based fashion. This is seen through the incorporation of not only a strong logo and identity, but also good content. A well-executed, highly visible brand presence on Facebook only heightens traditional marketing principles. For steadfast branding with a modern flair, Facebook brings virtual commerce to life.

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