Friday 9 August 2013

How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business

Running a small business is no easy task. With technology these days, communication and information are more accessible than ever before. There are so many different strategies to digitally market your business; however, using YouTube can really help you jump start your small business. After all, YouTube is the world's largest video-sharing service.

With this guide, you'll be growing your business in no time on YouTube.

Be Creative

Make sure you are creative with your YouTube videos. You want to do something that captures an audience without being a copycat. Generally, you want to stick to funny, weird, informative, or captivating videos. As stated before, make sure you are grabbing your audience's attention.

Share Share Share

You don't want to post your videos strictly to YouTube. Not only do you want to post your videos to your website, but you will also want to post them to every social media platform your business is on. This helps promote your video, which in return helps promote your business.

Good and Creative Headlines

Just like any article or email you write, you want a good strong headline. Your YouTube video should have a creative title that sends out a captivating message to grab the viewer's attention to watch the full content.

Market For A Wider Audience

Because YouTube is the world's largest video-sharing service, there is a large amount of potential to widen your customer base. With YouTube being an international service, you have an opportunity to market your video worldwide. It is also helpful to publish your video in as many languages as possible. This way, you can have a larger international audience, which in return will only help your business.

Quality Over Quantity

It goes without saying that the quality of the video is much more important than the quantity of the video. For instance, a 5-minute video with creative and fun information can be much more effect than a 10 or 15-minute video that seems to just keep dragging. Keep this in mind when you are brainstorming ideas for your next video.

Edit Your Video

Editing doesn't have to be a long and tedious process and it certainly doesn't require a professional. There are many free and user friendly editing tools online and on most computers. Edit your video to look professional and to draw users in.

Make Your Channel/Videos Noticeable

This is certainly the most important tip I can give you. If you don't make your channel and videos noticeable, then your hard work will go unnoticed. Along with the creative title we already talked about, you will want to add a colourful description of your video and keywords that you want to add as tags. You will want to do the same thing for your channel page. Make sure the title of your channel is simple and easy to find, then add your description and tags to your channel. You will also want to make your channel page unique to your business. That means add a business logo, background, and exciting and informative information.

Keep Up With Content

In order to stay in touch with all the users that view your page and videos, you will constantly need to be on the lookout for new comments on your channel page and your video pages. Even if your video is a couple years old, you may come across users who are seeing the video for the first time and they may have questions.

With these few suggestions, your YouTube videos could potentially help your business grow to new heights, and who knows; maybe you will become the next YouTube sensation!

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