Tuesday 20 August 2013

How Easy Is It To Hold A Successful Networking Event?

Networking Event
Networking is something that divides opinion. Some people love the opportunity to interact with potential employers, while others do not enjoy having to engage in chit-chat with a number of different individuals, even if there's scope to develop relationships with key contacts for job leads and referrals.

However, people and businesses should not view networking events with trepidation, as by following a series of steps, they can be held in a straightforward and stress-free way. The most important thing to remember is to have a strategy in place, as this will help them to run smoothly.

It's all in the name

According to a blog on Avangate, having a self-explanatory name is essential if businesses are going to attract the right type of people to an event. For example, those in the e-commerce industry will want to make sure they are going to listen to talks specifically about the sector, rather just an overarching discussion on the role of technology in retail.

Information is also very important, so creating a specific landing page on your website is a good idea. This means individuals have a resource where they can go to find out specific details, such as times, dates and locations. As the event approaches, organisers also need to send out reminders to jog the memories of anyone who might have forgotten about it.

Making a good impression

In business, first impressions count for a lot. When it comes to attracting potential investors or highly-skilled members of staff, you want to show you know what you're talking about. This is the same with networking events and there are some easy steps you can follow:

  • Have someone meet and greet guests - Most people attending will not know where to sit or the format for the day.

  • Provide welcome kits - These will be invaluable, as they outline what is going to happen and allow attendees to see what events they shouldn't miss.

  • Find out some background info - Research some of the guests who are attending and see if they should be matched up with each other.

  • Buy some badges - This stops people having to memorise a lot of names.

  • Have an introductory presentation - This offers the organisers a platform to say who they are and what companies are being represented.

Provide a conclusion

Once the event is over, the organiser should make sure they say a few words thanking everyone for attending and giving their time over. Take up all of their business cards and inform them of what the follow-up will be. This can take a number of forms, such as producing a newsletter or hosting another networking event.

Another option is to give out a series of business gifts. Promotional gifts can be practical - such as business card holders or travel mugs - and can act as a nice way to sign off an event. A few days or weeks down the line, send out an email to attendees highlighting the potential benefits of working together and the opportunities that exist.

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