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6 Ways To Be Remarkable Online

Be Remarkable
What people say and hear about you matters more than ever in our interconnected world.

Our personal (and business) brands are on the line. Everything we do and say is documented and saved for as long as we have access to the Web. More so, others can shape the way people perceive your brand whether they're being truthful or not. Online reputation is quickly becoming a hot topic because everyone has a voice and this means the longevity of your brand could be on the line if you're not taking the actions to be remarkable.

Deliver Exceptional Content

Every piece of content you publish to the Web is a representation of your authority, expertise, and brand. It's essential that you take the time to create exceptional content. Content should be resourceful, entertaining, and share-able. You should give those consuming your content a thorough understanding of your topic and something actionable for the take-away. The quantity of content you produce does not matter - it's all about the quality. Take ample amount of time to discover topics your community wants to see, put everything you can into the piece, and push it as hard as humanly possible across the social networks. Great content will bring great opportunities once you're established as a leader in your field.

Manage Your Reputation

Reviews have tremendous weight when it comes to the decision process of consumers. Everyone has a voice thanks to social media; people are quick to leave negative reviews just as they are to praise a brand. The overwhelming amount of individuals using the Web means that it can be nearly impossible to monitor and manage your online reputation without appropriate tools. What makes matters worse is the overwhelming amount of fake, negative comments appearing all over search engines and in major review platforms which do immense harm to a brand because they are malicious in nature and deter would-be customers.

Luckily there are ways that companies go about repairing the damage done by harmful false reviews. For example, a company can use reviews to weed out negative reviews from a central "hub" that gives you access to the tools and resources for managing your reputation. Services like that can be implemented when the protection offered by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act isn't enough. You can leverage this service to repair any damage left by "troll" reviews (and other mishaps) which will paint a positive picture of your brand within search rankings - thus increasing the chances of landing a sale.

Hone Your Unique Selling Point

A unique selling point (USP) is what makes you stand out from the countless number of competitors in your industry. The USP acts as a simple explanation as to why someone should buy from your company or subscribe to its services - it's what gives people the reassurance to listen to what you have to say. There are many competitors in any number of markets but if they're all saying the same, boring pitch then consumers don't really feel that any of their choices really they may just abandon their search. Having that USP will keep you out there in the front, on the tip of consumers' tongues, with the ability to generate buzz and build a passionate community around your offers.

Create Indispensable Resources

Content comes and goes, social media updates are forgotten, interviews go stale, and videos become outdated - one thing that never gets old is a regularly updated indispensable resource. Creating an industry-standard resource makes you the top dog in the market because not many competitors are willing to take the time and energy to develop free resources to the community because they're often holding back behind a paywall. "Pushing the free line" is a popular term floating within industries which takes in the idea that you create incredible content, for free, and use it as a vehicle for converting your visitor to the premium items because of the mentality that "if the free content is this good, I wonder what to expect when I have to pay?" A resource doesn't become forgotten with time - it becomes a defining asset to your brand and aids in the process of building your authority within your industry.

Don't End With A Thank You Email

Customer service has seemed to fall to the wayside ever since we've shifted a large amount of our commerce online. Customer service should be a priority more than ever because where others have dropped the ball - you will have the opportunity to be remarkable. The point is to avoid having a definitive end to saying "thank you" to customers and clients. After the thank you email should come a slew of phone calls, gifts, and discussions with the customers; this shows that you truly do care about their opinion and their use of your products/services. Offer a remarkable experience and you'll hook people to your brand for a lifetime.

Cultivate Your Culture

Build the culture that you want surrounding your brand. Take targeted actions toward growing your brand by sculpting every element of your work whether it's your tone when conveying ideas in your content to how you interact on social media. A following of 100 passionate individuals willing to share your content, provide feedback, and purchase new items is infinitely more powerful than thousands that are just passing through for free stuff. Cultivate the community from the very beginning by implementing content and marketing strategies that push your unique selling point and brand - through this you will build a presence more powerful than you can ever imagine.

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  1. Great set of tips and well-written. As a business owner, your online reputation is more important than ever - it can make or break a company. I will surely incorporate these tips into business strategy. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thank you Andrew. I'm really happy that you found the tips helpful. I wish you every success with your business.

  2. Write exceptional Content and market it effectively is the main thing to consider on my view. As this is the only thing that can help you in getting more visitor to your website.


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