Monday 29 July 2013

Where's Waldo (Enhanced Campaigns) In Google AdWords Updates

Google AdWords
Navigating through Google AdWords to create optimized, ROI producing campaigns can be an extensive process. Especially with all the new features, best practices, and changes that the Google brand grows to encompass.

With Google's full transition into "enhanced" campaigns, there are a lot of new features with some interesting benefits to advertisers. The most interesting improved features of this update are within the site link extensions. From general campaign extensions to specific ad group level extensions, there is a lot more data, and room for optimization. For a broader view on the "enhanced" changes check out this article.

Where's Waldo?

In a picture of grayed out tabs with the same type font, size, and coloring, you can find "Waldo" in the Ad Extensions tab in Google AdWords. As a digital media manager, I worry about losing data but thankfully, Google seems to have recognized that and provided an "upgraded" view or "not upgraded" to see the data history of your extensions. The data history view lets me know I can find Waldo on any time frame. This is especially important as your campaigns grow and become more extensive. For basic, limited budget campaigns, simply creating campaign level extensions may be sufficient, however for those decently budget accounts, utilizing the specific ad group level extensions will help you create the most targeted, relevant, and potentially money-making ads; or in other words, a massive version of Where's Waldo.

Red/White Striped Shirt (check), Glasses (check), Jeans (check)...

  1. Create more granular extensions at the ad group level, for targeted, direct, and correlated links. Pair complementary shopping items, geographically correlated items, or any other method of grouping to help improve ROI.

  2. Set a schedule for your extensions, use the most profit driven times of the day or days of the week. Segment by day of the week, time of day, monthly, etc. to maximize the most profitable times.

  3. Create mobile specific site-link extensions; speak to mobile users through location text or other mobile targeting terms. Setting different extensions for different devices will maximize your efforts with optimal text.

  4. Each extension is now singular rather than as a group, much easier for reviewing for eligibility and changes across all ad groups that include that site link.

  5. Hold on to you data history for comparisons and optimization. Review data based on all devices, and targeting methods over time to infer which methods will bring the most profitable business.

  6. Optimize on an individual basis for performance, ROI, CTR, etc.

Enhanced site-link extensions allow advertisers to move away from 1 set of site-link extensions per campaign to a much more targeted, in depth strategy. Having the ability to customize at an ad group level and display extensions that have specific, relevant information on each service, function, product, etc. allows for cross selling and potential profit. With any AdWords extension, research, testing, and optimization are the keys to succeeding. It is never a one stop shop but a continual service in need of constant monitoring to achieve the best possible outcome for your paid search tactics.

Now that this upgrade has officially been upgraded, it's very important to customize your account and make sure your ads are the best in your industry. Research your competition and the industry you work in to maximize your efforts. For more optimization information check out this article on generating ROI from your PPC text ads.

Google has also announced several more upgrades that will be coming soon, including Google Maps Ads and updates to the Analytics user-face. So keep an eye out for my next article about how to use these upgrades to your advantage.

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