Wednesday 3 July 2013

Adding Real Marketing Value To Brands

With all the buzz on internet marketing, every company seems to be doing it. Their aims? To gain more clients, open up opportunities for revenues, and even step their game up a notch.

Indeed, internet marketing can promise you these favorable circumstances. However with the onslaught of Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, and Content Marketing, the competition's beginning to be tough once more. Not only that, as the giant search engine is making ways to improve their searchability; internet marketing just gets more complicated than ever.

Even if you're a white hat advocate or a black hat enthusiast, there's still that question left unanswered: Are you really doing something for your client's brand?

At A Standstill

Internet marketing has been on the hype recently due to the increased exposure it brings to different products and services all over the globe. It is without a doubt one of the most effective marketing strategies. With online marketing, even startup companies can go with the flow against the giants in their corresponding industry.

Yes we do have different strategies employed to go neck to neck with the competitors of our clients, but we use them all the same. It all boils down into proper execution; the more Google loves your techniques, the more that you'll rank for a certain keyword that you're optimizing. This is where the marketing standstill begins; as you rank higher in the SERPs, you begin to gain more confidence. Thus, this confidence may either make or break your efforts; there is a tendency to neglect or taper down your previous efforts.

Real Marketing, Less Worries

The secret to making online marketing work is the outreach you have for your client. Remember that what you do reflects the vision and mission of the company you work for. Think of online marketing as your own business or company as well. You'd want to be a great company that offers the best of the best. A real business, with a real product or service aimed to deliver only the best to the consumers or target market.

Marketing is simply promoting your product or service in order to gather consumers who are interested to avail or purchase what you offer. They are attracted to what they see, what they hear about your project, and what could they benefit from using your product or by availing your service. It might sound easy, but if you aren't a pioneer in the industry, clawing your way up is a tedious task.

However, because of the digital age, there are innovations in marketing that can be utilized to easily promote our brand in the market; hence, marketing itself is a dynamic cycle that involves factors that greatly contribute to the welfare of one's brand.

The Brand Speaks for Itself

Let's cut down to the chase; the three most important things you need to establish are:

  • Presence

    An online presence is what that matters. It all starts with a website, a blog, and social bookmarks. Establishing your online presence is a first step in getting yourself ready for the long link battle ahead. It pays to check back Google's Webmaster Guidelines and watch out for Google Webmasters updates on YouTube. Update your blog frequently with relevant and informative content. Do site optimization while considering the user experience of visitors.

  • Authority

    Or the so-called off-site optimization, authority is one factor to back up your online presence. You may have an online presence, but you're still among the billions of web pages in the world without a voice. Proper outreach and rubbing shoulders with the influences in your industry can help leverage your status from zero to hero. As you share the fame from their followers, they will begin to follow you, too. It's an incorrigible and effective method to build authority and spread influence far and wide.

  • Crowd Engagement

    Of course, if you are influential, you'll have your own set of followers. Followers who will promote your brand even without you saying so. They will be your mini-marketers; word will spread like a disease on outbreak. It's important that while you maintain your influence, you communicate with your audience through your social bookmarks. Hold a contest, share some Tweets, make some viral content; anything just to keep your audience entertained.

Keeping these three in mind and continually running, your efforts can definitely add value since your not just interacting with Google's robots or crawlers; you're dealing with REAL people, who would help you get REAL results in marketing your own brand.

Online marketing is not all about metrics and how many links you have gained; it's about the value you bring to your client and how useful your strategies were to increase their presence, authority, and engagement.

Now, ask yourself; are you adding real marketing value for your client's brand?

About The Author: Alexis Trinidad is the Head of Outreach for SEOteky Philippines and Martin Lindstrom - speaker, author and advisor.

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  1. Great article with good insights and tips on what marketing professionals should do when promoting brands. I would suggest though that no black hat techniques should be used in your marketing.

  2. That's true, Daniel. However, there are SEO specialists who resort to black hat techniques to quickly produce result. Yes they may have conquered Google, but in a short while after, they'll be delisted. And that's not a good thing for the company after all the hard work.


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