Friday 12 October 2012

How You Can Get Started With Accepting Guest Posts On Your Website

Guest Posting
Increasing traffic to a site is an activity that many site owners are spending a great deal of time in learning. One of the main reasons why increasing the traffic on the site is so important today is because it is tied to popularity and money. Fortunately, there are many different sites online that can provide the business owner with the information that is needed. From information on search engine optimization techniques to social networks, there is a huge amount of information that a site owner can search through to find out what will work and what will not.

For those who are operating their own blogs, there are many ways to increase the views on the site. People who are well versed in posting good information on their own site are normally very skilled in keeping people engaged because they know and understand what their audience is looking for. However, in addition to the audience reading the information that the blogger has acquired over time, the blogger can also solicit the expertise of others. By soliciting the expertise of other bloggers, the site owner can also increase the traffic to their site. Soliciting blogs from others involves guests blogging.

Benefits of Soliciting Guest Bloggers

Even if the individual operates a small blog that has only a few hundred monthly visitors, they can benefit from offering space on their site for a guest blogger. Some of the benefits to having a guest blogger include:

Acquiring unique and quality content. Some bloggers will interview the guest blogger before their post their information. In fact, some of the blog site owners may choose to approve the titles that they will write about. If the titles that the guest blogger provides are acceptable, the information can be posted on their site. Most site owners will be looking for unique and quality content, which is always needed if the blogger is going to keep the readers' engaged.

Reduces the time-spent writing. Keeping a site filled with good quality content is not always easy because it does take both time and effort. If the site is going to be successful, it is important for the owner of the site to plan out what they are going to write about. This involves keeping a listening ear out for the things that most readers like. Also, based on the site, the blogger can provide useful information about several related topics (i.e. how to fix a credit report). Therefore, by soliciting multiple guest bloggers, the site owner can also reduce the time that is normally spent in writing articles. If the site owner makes the right plans, guests bloggers can help to fill in the gaps on certain days of the week or month.

Getting Started and Useful Tips

Getting started does not have to be a difficult task, if the site owner has the right information. Listed below are some tips that can be used.

1. Post a Guest Blogger Page.

Posting a guests blogger page is a win-win situation for both the blog site owner and guest blogger. By posting a guest blogger page, the site owner can explain what they are looking for and what guests blogging will mean to them. For example, potential bloggers will know that they will be receiving free publicity from the site. In addition to free publicity, the bloggers will also have a link added that will lead the readers back to their site. The guests blogger page should also indicate the timeframes for these guests appearance (i.e. dates when the articles will be published).

2. Post a Get Interviewed page.

To make it easy for the guest bloggers to respond to the Guest Blogger Page, the site owner should create a list of standard questions. Even though this can be changed out on a regular basis (weekly, monthly or yearly), these questions will give the guests blogger a head start and they will know what the site owner is looking for. This means they will not have to spend a lot of time researching nor contacting the site owners about their preferences or requirements.

3. Utilize social networking forums to get the word out.

Twitter, Facebook and other social network are great tools when reaching a specific target audience. Therefore, the site owner can reach a large target audience with one message. Prior to making any type of announcements regarding this need, the site owner should check the rules of the forums before they do any type of solicit.

Another great option for soliciting guests bloggers is to contact them via private requests. These can be bloggers where there are previous relationships formed (community associations) or new bloggers that the audience may be specifically impressed by.

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  2. Accepting the guest post is really a good idea, the traffic increases to your website and you will learn many new concepts.

  3. Wonderful suggestions which I immediately put into effect if they weren't already, particularly the page on the site with interview questions. I love hosting other writers for the purpose of meeting emerging and established authors as well as cross-promotion I just rarely have the time to create new questions. Although I'd rather be unique and create personalized questions time just doesn't allow it sometimes.

    Thanks for writing and reading,

    Sarah Butland author of Arm Farm, Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales - Volume One


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