Friday 19 October 2012

Cowboy Internet Marketers: Beware Of The Mighty Penguin!

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Here is this week's third and final article on SEO: Internet marketing is much like any profession in the world today, in that you have people that do their job, enjoy their job and do the job well. On the other hand there are what can only be described as "cowboys", who fill customers with false hope and rinse them for substantial amounts of money, whilst delivering what amounts to nothing.

As an SEO myself, I know just how damaging this is to the industry. Meeting potential clients who have had bad past experiences with SEO companies, makes it incredibly hard to swing their opinion and restore their faith in the services that the good SEOs can offer. When done properly, SEO can provide results of astronomic proportions.

Many SEOs are Google-fearing, losing sleep over the next algorithm update, anticipating rankings drops and other penalties from the big G. But, if you're playing by the book and listening to discussions within the search community and Matt Cutts himself, there's almost always a way of avoiding being stung. If you play by the book and steer well away from dated black hat tactics, you should sleep relatively easily. Google's after the cowboys, so you should count this as a blessing.

But this raises the question of why so many businesses still divulge in outdated, spammy, nasty SEO techniques? I've seen examples of supposedly reputable agencies still buying links from farms, taking part in reciprocal link programs and all sorts of ridiculously outdated methods, even after the Penguin update. In extreme examples, I've seen people buying links from sites that were actually de-indexed in the Penguin update. The mind boggles!

Do the cowboys think that they need to show the fruits of their labours by presenting hundreds of links to the client each month, regardless of how irrelevant, spammy and cheap they are? Does this make the report look good? No, because their sites are suffering as a result of this activity.

So, I can only see Penguin as a benefit to the industry, as with each update these cheap, horrible SEO agencies will either vanish off the face of the planet, or actually start playing ball and providing a real service. SEO is no longer a quick win service, and it's about time that people begin to realise that it takes time and skill to achieve the desired results.

On the other hand, there are the agencies out there that prey upon businesses that have very little, if any, knowledge about SEO. They promise the earth - number one rankings in a month etc. and when they don't deliver, the client no longer uses their services and the agency moves on to the next victim. This again is so damaging to the industry, but happens oh so frequently.

For us, the good guys, we can keep ahead of the game by striving to build up long-term relationships with our clients by delivering real, tangible results, and allow word of mouth to do the marketing for us and let the cowboys dig themselves a deeper hole.

About The Author: This post was written by Guy Farnworth, an online marketing executive for a boardroom and reception office furniture company in the UK.

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