Monday 15 October 2012

How To Hire A Good SEO Company

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This week, I will be publishing three articles on Search Engine Optimisation.

Today's article by our guest author, Carl Glasmyre will provide information on how to hire a good SEO company. On Wednesday, there will be an article by Eric Pratum explaining what negative SEO is and how to protect your site from it and finally on Friday, there will be an article by Guy Farnworth explaining why bad SEO companies should be fearful of the Penguin update.

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Thank you and without further delay, here's the first of the three articles on SEO...

How To Hire A Good SEO Company

There are many SEO companies out there. Some are good. And some...are very bad. With the wrong company, not only can you waste thousands of dollars, but you also can do some serious harm to your domain name. How bad? How about getting banished from Google? Yes, THAT bad. With that in mind, here are some great tips to make sure your SEO hire is a good one.

#1: Check out the Company's Google Ranking

Would you hire a plumber if you saw his faucets leaking and the toilet upstairs pouring water through the ceiling? I'm thinking probably not. On the same note, are you going to hire an SEO company whose homepage does not show up in the first two pages of a major search engine? If the company cannot get its own site high in the rankings, why is it going to be effective for your website?

You always should go to the rankings to see what the real story is. An SEO company can talk all day long. But in the end, where it ranks really tells the tale.

#2: Collect a Lot of SEO Proposals

You should meet with at least three SEO firms and tell them what you want them to do. Get a proposal in writing from all of these companies. Look at everything closely on paper so you can compare them. You can see what exactly you are being charged for and what features each company offers for the price.

This means you are going to have to spend some time, and do some homework. But trust me: It's worth it.

#3: Review the Proposals for White Hat SEO

You want to be sure that your SEO company is doing things that are 100 percent legit in the eyes of Google. You should keep an eye out for good things such as keyword phrase generation, development and optimization of content, and the evaluation of the server and domain, incoming links, headlines and text links. If you cannot see what the company is going to be doing in detail, ask why. If you do not get straight answers, I advise that you continue shopping.

#4: Look at the Timeline

Effective SEO usually takes several months to really take effect. If you are talking to an SEO company that states "we'll have you ranked in a week," tell the salesperson to take a hike. Legitimate companies don't make those sort of promises, because these timelines cannot be met doing things on the up-and-up as Google demands. You do not want your domain or your SEO firm to ever cross Google. They make the rules.

#5: Watch out for Bold Promises

Again, legitimate SEO companies do not make outlandish promises. They are not going to tell you your site can rank in a few days. They are not going to seriously undercharge or overcharge you. A good SEO company is not going to make promises to you without really digging into your website. Basically, if the company is making promises as soon as the salesperson walks in the door, it's not for real.

You do not want to risk your site's rank on Google by dealing with any SEO company that has any chance of being shady. So, you want to find an SEO company that has a realistic game plan and timeline that fits your budget.

In summary, you really need to take care when you are hiring contractors to do any work for you in the technical world. There are a lot of bad players out there that you will need to weed out of the mix. Good luck!

About The Author: Carl Glasmyre is an aspiring writer. He loves blogging about anything and everything that crosses his mind. He's constantly striving to strengthen his writing skills and is continuously grateful that the Internet allows him to share his thoughts with the world.

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