Sunday 11 September 2011

10th Anniversary Of 9/11: A Personal Tribute

10th Anniversary of 9/11
It was ten years ago here in the UK, when I watched on the TV the unbelievable events that unfolded in America. The shock and horror I felt on that day back in 2001 is still hard to describe. A mixture of shock, disbelief, sadness and anger were just some of the emotions I felt.

Ten years on and it's still hard to believe that those terrible events happened and how it's changed America and the world forever.

With today being the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, this post is to pay tribute to all those people who tragically lost their lives on September 11th 2001. Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to all those who died, their families and the people that were effected by this horrific act of terrorism.

I also want to pay tribute to the brave men and women on Flight 93 who helped avoid another catastrophic disaster, thus preventing more loss of life and to the emergency services who sacrificed their lives to help others in need.

Even though ten years have past since the terror attacks of 9/11, the visions and emotions of that day are still very clear in my mind. As we continue to live our daily lives and as more time passes, may we never forget and continue to honour those people who sadly lost their lives. You will always be in my memories.

Addendum: Since the aftermath of 9/11, I want to take this opportunity to also pay tribute to all the service men and women who put their lives on the line defending our countries from such acts of terror.

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  1. Hi David I agree that it is still hard to fathom. Why people would target civilians in such a cowardly attack is very hard to wrap our heads around!
    Thank You for for your tribute to the men, women and children that died on 9-11

  2. Thanks for your tribute Derek. Sometimes when you are in the belly of the beast you have no idea how others are receiving or handling the tragedy. We have healed a lot as New Yorkers since that horrible day, but we still hold the scars.

  3. Thanks Derek!

    In rememberance of all the victims you have written a very worthy post here and I am glad you paid attention to this a day like this.

  4. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing and remembering the military as well as all the people who just wanted to work that day.

  5. Well done Derek. Thank you for doing this timely post filled with honour and respect. I appreciate your skills and the compassion you show here.

  6. My father always got very depressed about some of the events in this world done to men by other men. He passed away in July 2001 and I am glad he didn't live to see 9/11. Everyone I know remembers exactly and with great clarity where they were that day. A lovely post Derek, to honour, the dead and the survivors and relatives.

  7. The scene of the twin towers falling like house of cards is still fresh in my memory.It was a really bad experience.Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to all those who died,their families and the people affected by this act of terrorism.Thanks Derek for the tribute to the 9/11 victims.

  8. Thank you Jim, Tameka, Mattias, Jan, Elizabeth, Claire and Abhisek for your kind comments.

    Since these attacks, the terrorists have achieved nothing except for one thing, they’ve brought people closer together. Let's just hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens again.

  9. Derek, very heart warming post.... I've seen several tributes today and I find yours one of the touching ones ... I to did a "sorta" tribute and I did forget to mention the crew of flight 93...

  10. Derek, as you know, I had a very busy weekend and am just now getting time to catch up on the blogs I follow. This was a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. I find it very touching, and it restores a bit of faith for me, when people from other nations stop and offer respect and condolences for this very sad anniversary. It is a day that changed the world as we know it, here in my home country, and clearly, this was felt 'round the world.

    Thank you for taking time to write this piece.

    - Dawn

  11. Derek, there is a comic strip here in America called Sherman's Lagoon. It is about the comedic misadventures of a Great White Shark named Sherman and his many pals who put up with his shenanigans. On Sunday 9/11 the strip was a single panel of Sherman and his friend Fillmore, the sea turtle. The two of them had their heads above the water and were looking at the lights of the memorial at Ground Zero. Sherman says "It feels like yesterday." Fillmore says "It'll always feel like yesterday." To me, that summed up exactly what everyone was feeling. It will always feel like yesterday. Thank you for a wonderful and heartfelt post.


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