Wednesday 5 September 2012

SEO Link Building Techniques That You Should Avoid

Link Building
To promote your website successfully, it is better to use manual and quality SEO processes considering the guidelines of search engine algorithms. Getting high page ranking and increasing the network traffic to your site should be your ideal goal when promoting your website to the global market. There are many techniques for building links to your website, some white hat methods and black hat methods as well.

If you want high page ranking that does not waver, you need to use white hat strategies to build links. You have to realize that proper link building takes time. Do not be fooled by the appeal of getting massive backlinks at once, this only makes Google and other search engines suspicious about the quality of your site.

Buying and selling backlinks is becoming a top way for webmasters to make money off other webmasters, though there are some genuine SEO companies out there that offer unique services you must be aware of the dangers of using such services. Often times the risk is greater than the reward. Here are some important SEO link building techniques you should avoid:

Getting Links from Websites with Many Outbound Links

Though buying links from any of the huge network traffic sites is a good idea for increasing your website value, you should choose a site that doesn't have numerous unrelated outbound links. If you must buy outbound links from other sites, choose sites with content related to yours and make sure this site does not have too many outbound links. You don't want your site link lost in the maize.

Webmasters should try to avoid this link building technique if they wish to build valid backlinks that stick. As an alternative, you can offer to write a guest post on a popular site in your niche in exchange for a permanent link back to yours.

Using Spun Content for Article Submission

Submitting articles to topmost article directories will help your website gain some quality link juice. These sites have already established Google page rank and you will benefit from linking to them permanently. Some webmasters after submitting original articles to top ranking directories will reuse the same by spinning the content for mass distribution.

Article spinning saves time and mass submission gets you noticed fast. But this might seem harmless at first until when Google decides to go through another update or check backlinks manually; your site will definitely come up and be penalized. Beware of spinning and submission services because most times the quality of the content put out there is horrifying.

Blasting Comments on Numerous Blogs

Building backlinks by commenting on related or high value blogs is an excellent link building method. It is also a good traffic getting strategy. There are some tools that can blast comments on over ten thousand blogs in a very short time. This is very unnatural as no webmaster is capable of writing that many blog comments at once.

Be very careful with this black hat technique as the consequences are usually negative. Be sure not to use this method if you are running Google Adsense ads on your site because this may result in your account being suspended.

Building Links for Competitive Keywords and to Wrong Anchor Text

A common mistake made by most webmasters is choosing a high competitive keyword for their website and promoting that keyword by undergoing various SEO techniques. Making this mistake early on can be damaging to your success. You should link with long tail keywords and to posts on your site that have a chance of getting ranked faster.

Another problem is linking with the wrong anchor text. Remember not to link to the same phrase all the time, you want some diversity in your backlinks.

Keyword Stuffing

This is when the keyword your article topic is based on is overused in the article. You must learn to balance your keywords with the number of words for each article on your site. Aim for a 2% or less keyword density and sometimes it is best to just write a well informed post without concerning yourself with keywords because this will make your site more user friendly.

As a webmaster, you must aim for quality and not quantity. Avoid SEO techniques that will get you in trouble and run your business with integrity.

About The Author: Rahul Makhija is the online manager for ChemFree. Rahul consults companies on online marketing, product development, and strategy. During his free time he enjoys reading about human behavior.

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