Monday 17 September 2012

3 Tips For Increasing Blog Traffic

Website Traffic
Part of being a blogger is getting relevant traffic to your blog. This is probably your biggest task and your biggest wish. This is also where most bloggers have trouble. Here are a few ways you can get traffic to your blog.

Social Media

I am sure that I do not need to tell you that you can get a lot of traffic from social media. Most bloggers dream of the day when something they write goes viral. But most people also have no idea that they can do something to increase the amount of traffic they can receive from these social media sites. The best way to increase your social media presence is with the use of SMM tools. Some of the best social media monitoring tools are capable of growing your audience by quite a bit by making you a lot more efficient. You will not only have a lot more data to work with but will also be able to save time so that you can work on other blog related things.

Blog Comments

I am sure that you know that you can get traffic via blog comments but most bloggers do not know how to do this right. If you are trying to get people to click through from your blog comment and find out more about you, you should generally follow a few rules of thumb.

  • Sooner the better: Comment as soon as the post has been published, if possible be the first one to comment. The father down your comment is, the fewer clicks you will get. Most people tend to not read after the first few comments.

  • Be of appropriate length: It is generally a good idea to make the comment more than the length of a tweet, but be sure not to make to longer than 300 words, because by then you go from leaving a comment to leaving an essay. Besides, no one is even going to read it if it is an essay so don't put that much effort into it.

  • Contribute to the conversation: Pretty much what it says. Contribute something. Even if you write a paragraph, if it is just rewording what someone else has already said, people can tell. So say something original that is of some value.

Forums and communities

This works a lot like blog comments. The only difference is that you have to be consistent. If you are just answering once in a while, you will not be able to send any traffic to your site. Most forums and communities generally have some sort of ranking system that shows everyone else how much you participate. Generally speaking, the higher this is, the more reliable you come off as to most people. By participating often, you can increase this number and when you do answer someone's question people tend to think of you as an authority in that niche and will be tempted to check out your website.

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  1. Hi Derek..good post as always, I have revived the email link on my blog after reading this.

  2. I'm one of the minority who doesn't post comments to get more traffic to my blog. In fact, that honestly doesn't occur to me, but my blog isn't monetized and that specific suggestion may apply more to that type of blog. I comment on other blogs because I've read the article & have enjoyed it enough to leave my thoughts to show the writer that they've been heard.

    As far as "essay length" comments, I love those! LOL..again, I am bucking conventional wisdom. I like it when my readers have been inspired by my thoughts to the point that they want to write a lengthy comment. Again, I'm an atypical blogger w/ growing readership and promoting my blog. I let it grow as it wants to, and I know people find me for a reason. And now I'll hush, because this is turning into a lengthy comment! ;-)

    - Dawn

  3. Great post. In addition to these methods few more simple method to increase the blog traffic are: Submitting the blog to the blog directories, Submitting Guest Posts, Writing articles with rich content.

  4. Derek, your really helpful. It is easy and informative. You tips have showed me the way to solve my difficulties.

  5. This is an uber great insights about driving traffic. I appreciate for sharing this one as I really need to have a nice subscriber list. I've been through blogging and I am only using social media to drive people. Many thanks for your post.


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