Friday 27 July 2012

SEO Tips After Google Panda Update

Google Panda
SEO industry has changed drastically since the onset of 2012; the Google has penalized low quality links and has taken a strong stand against spam. The tricks of the trade that were once popular to help increase page rank has changed dramatically.

Many blogs have been adversely affected by the algorithm change. Many bloggers who were dependent on online revenue as they had constant traffic have seen a loss of almost 90%. Google has changed its algorithm and the impacts are seen almost immediately in the results that they show. Low quality optimization links and article marketing are soon losing their charm and to stay up in the competitive market, we have to follow the Google new standards.

The new rules have changed and one has to learn the new ways to rank well in the search engines. Websites that offer valuable information to the readers and have quality content only will sustain the blow. The websites whose rankings dropped were mainly those which had bad HTML, poor SEO and broken links.

Optimize the site accordingly is the first step; follow the norm that you have high quality links that index to the home page.

  1. High quality website content: After the Panda update, many website with high rankings, found that the rankings had dropped like a stone. It seems Google is trying to reward websites which are high in quality over the countless junk sites. Good quality content will please visitors and have spin-off benefits. The older method of just writing articles, to index your site will no longer work; concentrate on the core ingredient data. When a visitor attends the site he should be glued by the content and not distracted, have related videos, pictures and related high quality information.

  2. Use natural on-page SEO: The link building strategy also has to be reworked; the one that is within the original content should be natural. In the eyes of Google, the content should be of quality and no way spam in nature. Having content was always important, now it is important that you have good SEO. When you are building a link, contained within the original content, then it should be to a related topic to seem natural. This way Google will not treat it as spam. Even today, it is relevant to have your content with good SEO. Panda and the later SEO has forced the website owner to rethink his ways and creating quality content which matches the SEO, then you will not face any problem with your ranking.

  3. Avoid exact-match anchor text links: This has been advised by the Google forums time and again, as the same link leading to the home page for more than 60% have seen a severe drop in rankings. It is your prerogative as a writer to offer content that offers value to the visitor. Write what you would like to read, from a SEO perspective it will only help increase PR. It is strongly recommended by the experts that varying the anchor text with your links to include the business or domain name. You should also include a number of long-tail variations of the keywords.

Times change and people who transform to the changing times are always successful. As webmasters a little hard work will help you in the long run. Every new change does cause panic, nevertheless the right ways of building the site will benefit in increasing traffic and sales.

About The Author: Mary Smith has been freelancing as the guest writer for a few years. "I like to share my opinions and connect with like minded individuals online about various topics." Mary is passionate about finance, real estate, writing and home and garden.

Do you like this article by Mary Smith? Was your website/blog effected by the Google Panda update? Please let Mary and myself know by leaving us your valued comments below.

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  1. Hai Sir..

    Most Useful Tips for upcoming bloggers like me

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. nice sharing..thanks....hope my web still stable with the panda update.....

  3. church website design1 August 2012 at 11:52

    The purpose of Google panda is clear, low quality content websites have dropped in search results with user experience increasing.


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