Friday 4 May 2012

5 Essential Twitter Tools For Small Business

Twitter is becoming an important tool for small business and marketing. For this reason, it's worth it to find useful tools to improve your Twitter marketing experience. This article will include 5 Twitter tools that will make marketing a little easier.

1. HootSuite

HootSuite is a fantastic Social Media tool that manages more than just Twitter. With HootSuite, you can manage: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, MySpace, FourSquare, and more, all with the same program! There's even a free version available that allows the user most of the features, with only a few limits.

The free version offers scheduled tweets and posts, direct messages, a statistic summary (like Google Analytics with less detail), review mentions, and more. A worth it download if you're serious about the positive impact Social Media can have for a small business.

2. CoTweet

This Twitter tool is perfect for small businesses that own more than one account, or manage a rather large account. CoTweet works by entering social media conversations as they're happening. Social Media marketing isn't just a one-person job, and it's a crucial tool for most businesses. However, it's more than a one person job.

CoTweet takes on a lot of the work, making it easy for your business to track engagement, collaborate on updates, analyze results, and track responses. It's completely business oriented, and focuses on response-oriented customer service, and proactive marketing.

3. TweetDeck

TweetDeck aids in the management of multiple Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace and Twitter accounts. It allows users to view profiles, send and receive tweets, arrange feeds, filter through content, schedule tweets, monitor and manage multiple accounts, and notification alerts for new tweets.

TweetDeck is compatible with most systems, and has a number of apps that make it compatible with Android, Apple products (including the iPad), and a chrome app that integrates it into the Google Chrome web browser.

4. TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter is a handy tool that will let you know how well your business is doing on Twitter. It works by tracking the stats of Twitter user, and displaying the result to anyone who is interested. There's a button available for websites that will display the number of followers they have on Twitter.

The TwitterCounter button will automatically link back to your TwitterCounter page, which will result in positive feedback, and increasing views, members, and ad views.

5. Twellow

Twellow is essentially a Twitter version of Yellow Pages. It allows you to find other Twitter users, separated by category, so you can follow them. Not only that, but it allows other Twitter users to find you in the same way (as long as you're registered on both Twellow and Twitter).

It works by taking publicly available tweets, and analyzing them to see what category they fall into. The categories can get really specific, allowing you to find other Tweeter's in the niche you're looking for. Also, you can be listed in up to 10 categories, it's best to use all 10.

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  1. Nice article. As Social Media Management tools go, HootSuite is the best.

  2. Thanks Darek for sharing this. I am using TDeck and its really cool for me.

  3. TweetDeck is an excellent app for managing social networks together.


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