Wednesday 1 February 2012

Top SEO Do's And Don'ts

In the world of internet, with myriad SEO strategies being applied - some haphazardly and some in an organised fashion, it is increasingly becoming important to understand the what works in SEO and what misses the bull's eye and what strategy can lead to being penalised.

Here, we present the top SEO dos and top SEO don'ts.


1. To benefit the web users, make suitable modifications on your pages. Focusing only on the search engines is not enough; the human visitors are extremely important.

2. Generate sensible and reliable navigation paths and maintain it that way.

3. Create pages creatively keeping in mind that every single page that you create on your web site serves as an entry point to the potential customer.

4. Every single page on your website should be created and labelled clearly and accordingly; with the subject matter written in a crystal clear manner thereby attracting the web users as well as the potential web users.

5. If you want Google to rank you high, make sure you focus on every minute detail as Google takes into consideration hundreds of points while ranking web pages.

6. Keep creating new and creative subject matter that will benefit and attract the web users.

7. When you create and add new pages on your web site, intimation has to be sent to the search engines about the newly added pages on your website in the form of sitemaps and crawlers.

8. Usage of text should be the priority when trying to boost non-textual subject matter such as audio visuals to get the attention of the web users and get the search engine's attention.

9. Keep using data to evaluate the effect of methods used in SEO.

10. To make your code as minimal and effective as possible, keep reorganising and simplifying as much as possible.

11. Make sure that there is at least a single page that stands as a support for each prominent keyword used by you.

12. Keep tabs on such competitors who are aggressively pursuing link, who's dropping off, and who's holding steady.

13. When developing or redeveloping or working or reworking on certain templates, sections and sites always insist on site map diagrams and wireframes.

14. For search engine optimisation, use cascading style sheets amply and JavaScript in moderation.

15. If you desire good rankings on Google "Be patient" as it takes time. Don't focus on hastily chasing and earning rankings as these tend to evaporate just like that.

16. Never ever forget that everyone who is a part of your business can be a potential link partner and this also includes your clients, your associates and your media partners.

17. If outsourcing your SEO tasks, always use a reputable SEO company.

To get a good ranking and to stay on the top post, you must be aware of the above mentioned dos.


1. Just because you want your web site to stay on the top and get good rankings, making unwanted and unnecessary changes will have a negative effect on the web user. Never ever forget that the user is the priority.

2. Never ever knowingly or unknowingly resort to or encourage plagiarism.

3. Don't use parameters which will become a segment of URL structure for your page/s.

4. Don't generate a page which is not a part of any page or its parent page of your website.

5. Don't consciously allow dead pages to exist. Redirect the dead pages to any of the old pages that are more relevant.

6. When you have HTML to provide the best user experience, don't use Flash.

7. Don't make it difficult for your web users when they look for categories. Provide a link.

8. Don't give away the links of your website without good and valid reason.

9. Don't let the pages compete with each other for your prominent keywords.

10. Don't use an SEO company who claim to guarantee you top 10 rankings. No SEO company can guarantee you a first page or top 10 ranking. More information on this will be available in an upcoming blog post.

11. Using gray or black-hat techniques may jeopardize the rankings of your website.

12. Never ever set up your SEO improvements in one go. If and whenever possible, make changes in a natural manner.

13. Never depend on bottom-up navigation to guide the web users to the subject matter.

14. Never let the content of your web page appear in the form of pop-ups.

15. If ever your rankings take a back step, don't panic. It is common for the rankings to fluctuate. Adopt another and much better strategy if you don't see an improvement in your rankings.

16. It takes a little bit of time for your search engine rankings to rise so don't postpone to the next day what could be done today.

I hope that the above mentioned dos and don'ts will facilitate you in a better understanding of SEO.

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