Monday 20 February 2012

Some Fundamentals Of Internet Marketing And SEO

Marketing Elements
Some folks who practice internet marketing seem to forget sometimes that the term has the word "marketing" in it. They seem to think that the profession is simply about the internet, without reference to the marketing element. Because of this, basic marketing principles can be forgotten whilst getting busy with title tags and social media optimisation.

One of these principles is about the fundamentals of marketing, which can be expressed in the simple maxim:

"Marketing is about creating something remarkable, then telling people about it."

This simple sentence sums up the entire marketing process, from conception to completion. It includes the two key P's of marketing: Product and Promotion. The full list of the 4 P's is:

Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

Product is what you produce to sell, Price is how much you sell it for, Promotion is how you tell people about your product, and Place is where you sell it. If you look at these four elements of classic marketing, you will see that the two most important P's are the ones that stand out - Product and Promotion. These are the two key elements that all marketing revolves around, including internet marketing.

The concept of your product being key in marketing comes, in part, from marketing guru Seth Godin, who in his book Purple Cow, talks about how the key to being successful is having a remarkable product. That is, one that is "worth making a remark about", or worth talking about and sharing with friends. The title of the book refers to a ordinary cow, that you have seen a hundred times before, then you see a purple cow in a field, and it's worth talking about, because it's so different and unique. Being unique and different is the key to having a great product - if you're not different from your competitors, what reason would there be for a customer to buy from you?

With regard to telling people about it, (promotion), this can typically take the form of all types of promotion, advertising and PR, ranging from PPC and display ads, through to viral marketing and distributing press releases. The idea behind promotion is that the old maxim about "build it and they will come" is not really true. You can have the best product in the world, but if you're target market doesn't know about it, then it doesn't really exist.

So how does this relate to SEO and internet marketing (IM)? Well, as I said at the start, internet marketing is as much about marketing as it is the internet. The marketing maxim of "create something remarkable and tell people about it" can be applied to internet marketing like this:

"IM is about creating great content and promoting it"

It's that simple. All the dress up about links, anchor text, H1's etc... is really secondary to this central premise.

Great content can be in various forms, such as white papers, videos, articles, interviews, tools infographics or resource lists. Promotion in IM means linkbuilding, social media optimisation and web PR. Many SEOs look for short cuts in IM, by linkbuilding (promoting) without good content; this is a recipe for disaster, and pretty much means black hat tactics.

You need both a great product (content) and linkbuilding/SMO to promote it (promotion). This is the recipe for success in IM/SEO, and in marketing in general.

About The Author: Schepens offers a professional removal, storage and shipping service both locally around Southampton and Internationally. They use the Internet to promote their website and as a marketing tool to obtain new customers for their family run Southampton removals company.

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