Saturday 20 August 2011

When A Friend Becomes Your Enemy

This post may seem slightly out of the ordinary for my blog but given the serious events of what happened to my friend in the early hours of last Thursday morning, I just had to post this story and my feelings on it.

A good friend of mine (let's call him Bob for the time being due to legal reasons), was woken up on Thursday morning at 4:00am by two unknown thugs who entered his home and then proceeded to rob him at knife point. The shocking reality of this situation is that one of his closest friends may have had something to do with it as the robbers knew exactly what they were looking for. Not only did they know what they were looking for, but they knew exactly where he lived and what kind of car he drove.

Thankfully, Bob (who's in his early sixty's) was unhurt in the ordeal and the robbers fled without the item in question. They did however, get away with a large sum of money and some valuables.

After speaking with Bob on Thursday morning and after the police had visited his home, I was informed that only four people knew about this item. Three have been eliminated of their involvement so only one person remains.

The person in question who we believe may be involved, has been a friend of Bob for many years. Bob is a kind hearted, generous man and there's no reason as to why his so-called friend would do this. Although there's no proof as yet, all the evidence seems to point to this person, more so now because this person hasn't been seen or heard from by Bob or myself since the robbery.

Although this person never actually carried out the robbery, it does look as though he's provided quite a lot of information for the robbery to be carried out. This is certainly no accident given the amount of information that was released and only time will tell if this person is truly involved and the legal system catches up with him.

The question that haunts me is what makes a person, a friend turn into an enemy like this for no apparent reason? What kind of mindset does a person have to do something so terrible to a good natured, kind-hearted friend?

I wish I could write more on this and give you a more detailed account, but I have to restrain myself as I don't want to jeopardise the legal process. I'm also in disbelief (and so is Bob) that his friend could actually be involved. I just hope Bob gets justice for what these thugs did to him and that he fully recovers from his terrible ordeal.

I'll keep you updated on events as and when they occur but for now, here's to you Bob...may your recovery and the justice to those who robbed and possibly betrayed you be swift!

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Until my next post, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. My commiserations - hope things get much better for your friend.

  2. hmm... we hope your friend(Bob) will get justice....

  3. This is an important post Derek and our hearts go out to your friend here who have get robbed in this nasty way.May justice happen!

  4. That's a really bad but very important news.Hope everything is OK now.Your friend Bob will get justice Derek.

  5. Sincerest personal regards to your friend. I can not imagine what he must be going through. nNice that he has a genuine friend for support. Great post, by the way.

    Linda Della Donna
    Author of "A Gift of Love, A Widow's Memoir"

  6. I am dumbfounded. What is the world coming to, when a friend betrays a friend, presumably for money? Pathetic and reprehensible. I'm glad it was so easy to narrow down the possibilities to one culprit. May justice be done, and my sincere best wishes to Bob, who lost his sense of security and someone he thought he could trust.


  7. Great post Derek. Though your friend has been through an extremely difficult time, I trust the love and companionship of true friends will comfort him at this time, and may justice prevail! Sending best wishes from Ontario, Canada.

  8. How sad for is a gift given to a friend. This is such a betrayal of that gift. I agree with Linda, you are a good friend to Bob..and he needs this right now. What goes around comes around. Justice will be bittersweet for Bob...thank you for sharing this story Derek...Always..

  9. How sad for is a gift given to a friend. This is such a betrayal of that gift. I agree with Linda, you are a good friend to Bob..and he needs this right now. What goes around comes around. Justice will be bittersweet for Bob...thank you for sharing this story Derek...Always..

  10. Derek, I’m so sorry your friend has suffered such an ordeal as this. Thank you for sharing this story - nightmare - here. ‘Bob’ is blessed to have your friendship indeed.

  11. This just made me incredibly sad..what kind of friend would hurt a friend in any way..and this was a horrific way to hurt anyone...I'm sorry for this whole prayers are with Bob and you... As always...XOXOXOXO

  12. So sorry to hear about this. I can't imagine a friend turning like this, but then again I guess this individual was never a true friend. I hope all gets resolved.

  13. HOLY HOLY (Fill in your word of choice.)

    This is reprehensible. Regardless of whether the friend is involved or not. To frighten someone like this is unbelievable. So sorry "Bob" went through this. Hope he recovers.

  14. Thank you all sooooo much for your concerns and for your kind words. I'm totally blown away by the response to this post and I'm sure these wonderful comments will go a very long way in aiding my friend's recovery.

    Thank you again everyone and I'll keep you fully posted on future events as and when they happen.

  15. This is really sad and poor 'Bob' must be devastated by the invasion not just of his home...'Bob' must be glad to have friends like you!

  16. This is such a sad, sad story of betrayal. Bob deserves justice. I can't imagine how a person would turn against his good friend.


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