Monday 1 August 2011

Top 5 Services To Monetise Your Blog Or Website

Top 5 Services For Monetising Your Blog Or Website
Monetising your blog or website is something that every new blog owner and webmaster should do if they want to earn revenue from their site. However and with so many advertising and affiliate networks and programs to choose from, finding the right one to suit your site's content can sometimes be confusing.

To help you, I've compiled a list of my Top 5 services for monetising your blog or website. Some of these services can be combined to help maximise your earnings potential from your site.

1. VigLink

VigLink is a content monetisation company that makes affiliate marketing very easy for bloggers and website owners. In one easy step and with over 12,500 merchants, VigLink automatically monetises your blog or website without the need to spend time and effort joining affiliate programs, installing and maintaining affiliate links.

Over the past few months, I am pleased to say that I've helped over 120 blog and website owners monetise their sites using the VigLink service. More information about this service and how you can easily monetise your blog or website can be found on my post: Monetise Your Blog With VigLink.

2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular free advertising network that allows you to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on your blog or website and on other online content including RSS feeds, site search results and mobile webpages and apps. Once enrolled into the Google AdSense program and the code installed, your site will show highly targeted textual and/or image ads, based on your site's content.

3. Amazon Associates

One of the leading affiliate programs, Amazon Associates allows you to make money from your blog or website by recommending Amazon products to your visitors. You can earn up to 15% in referrals and if you have your blog hosted on Blogger, you can use Blogger's built-in tools to easily add relevant products to your blog.

4. Skimlinks

Based in the UK, Skimlinks is another content monetisation company that makes affiliate marketing very easy for bloggers and website owners. Similar to VigLink above, this service will automatically monetise your blog or website without the need to spend time and effort joining affiliate programs, installing and maintaining affiliate links.

5. BidVertiser

Popular with many bloggers, BidVertiser is an advertising network that pays you for every visitor that clicks on an ad. Their goal is to enable you to make as much money as possible by letting advertisers bid on your advertising space.

Other services worth a mention:

Chitika - This advertising network allows you to display ads on your website, blog, app or mobile site, with content from high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted, mobile and local ads to best target your site visitors.

Infolinks - A contextual advertising program created to monetise sites with reader interests in mind. Infolinks In-Text Ads help publishers earn money from advertising on content they're already developing for their site. Ideal for websites and blogs rich in content.

Affinity - Similar to Infolinks and with over 75,000 advertisers, publishers can easily monetise their website traffic through Affinity's customisable and easy-to-implement contextual ad formats. Ideal for websites and blogs rich in content.

ClickBank - The web's most trusted marketplace, ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet for more than 50,000 digital products and 100,000 active affiliate marketers. Simply select the products you wish to promote and they will handle all the tracking, accounting and payouts automatically.

Top Affiliate Networks:

Commission Junction - CJ operates one of the largest and most highly regarded affiliate networks in the world. Since 1998, Commission Junction have led the industry with breakthrough platform innovations, and with the establishment and implementation of game-changing quality and compliance standards.

LinkShare - Each day, hundreds of publishers join the LinkShare Network to help build their business. When you become part of the network, you have an opportunity to establish and sustain profitable relationships with some of the most recognised brands in the world.

TradeDoubler - Become part of the affiliate network and you'll gain access to TradeDoubler's extensive pan-European reach of over 1700 big brand advertisers. With over 138,000 active affiliates, their expert publisher teams can help you to monetise your website, add content and optimise inventory through partnerships with top advertisers.

ShareASale - Established in 2000, ShareASale provides award winning technology and service which will enable you to connect with a network of over 2,500 merchants. Each of these merchants has a different type of product that they are selling and each is ready to commission you on that sale if you bring a customer to them.

Affiliate Marketing Training and Tools:

If you're new to affiliate marketing, here's a couple of recommended resources which can help put you on the right track. You can also choose from a great selection of books on affiliate marketing direct from Amazon.

Niche Profit Classroom - NPC is the premier destination for learning how to become a highly paid super affiliate. Gain immediate access to high-quality video training that walks you step-by-step through building your affiliate business, exclusive software tools that practically build and market your websites for you, "done-for-you" affiliate businesses you can launch right away for fast profits and live ongoing training with some of the most successful Internet marketing coaches online.

The Internet Marketing Advantage - Get immediate and on-going access to over 200 videos, 80 manuals, case studies as well as thousands of dollars worth of software with IM Advantage. You'll have direct access to two of the most successful Internet marketers in the entire industry which essentially means that by following their instructions to the tee, you should be able to start making money almost immediately.

What services do you use to monetise your blog or website? Did you find this article helpful? Please let me know by using the comments section below.

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  1. Nice post Derek. I've just installed Viglink on both of my sites. Thanks for sharing this info, very helpful.

  2. I wasn't aware of some of these...going to check them out. I use Linkshare at the moment on my site, and Google Adsense on my HubPages. Thank you for the great info, Derek.

  3. Very good compilation of links and how to's. I have bookmarked your page to go back to investigate the links in detail later.

    Thank you!


  4. I haven't a clue where to start so this is very helpful indeed. Will have to look into it once I get more followers for both my blogs. Interesting post for me!

  5. Good information as usual, would love to read some personal experiences with a few!!


  6. I din't knw about viglink.I m gonna try it for sure.My experience with chitika is very bad.My 60000 impression gave me 6$.

    Be a ProBlogger

  7. My personal experience with adsense is that it sucks! I have a Christian blog since I am a pastor and their ability to actually get the contextual advertising right was abysmal. I would get ads for psychics, cults, and if I had the word quote anywhere, then auto insurance quotes. After trying 5 times to get any type of help from them via their publisher support pages with no response, I fired them. I now use a Christian pay per click network and a Christian CPM network, Amazon, and selling my own ad space. Making 100x what I made with adsense.

  8. Informative blog. But what about the people who don't own any blog or website? Is this still possible? Because in most of the links above, I've noticed that one should have his/her own blog or website.

  9. You will need to have a website or blog to use these services Harpreet.

  10. I'm glad I have a blog so I was able to use those services. Thanks

  11. Great post. Monetising blogs is a great source of income for good bloggers but they need to make sure that the blog is written for the users, it should provide good information and value to the reader. The blogger should not be forgetting the primary purpose of his/her blog. I have noticed that some bloggers gradually decreased their value and that resulted it them being lesser popular. Because if the users stops loving you Monetising the blog will not be beneficial. But if you can write well and provide good value through your blog then monetising is a great option for you.


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