Friday 6 May 2011

We've Added The New Facebook Send Button

I've just added the new Facebook Send Button on the blog. You can find this new button on the horizontal toolbar at the bottom of your browser.

The Facebook Send Button will enable you, the reader, to share content from my blog with specific groups or friends in just one click.

Until now, the "like" or "share" action allowed readers such as yourself to share content with your entire Facebook community. However, the new "send" button allows you to share posts on my blog either with specific groups or by sending messages to your chosen friends.

Now, you can share the page you are viewing on my blog by sending your friends a link with an image along with a short message, all this without leaving my site. The send button also eliminates the need to look up email addresses by auto-suggesting friends and Groups you belong to.

Using the Facebook Send Button, you can choose to post the content on a Group wall you belongs to, send the content as an inbox message or create an email.

Here's a quick rundown of the features:

  • Auto-suggestion of Facebook friends and groups.
  • One-click sharing with your chosen friends.
  • Content sharing via messages, emails or group links.
  • Each message includes a link, an automatically detected image and a short message.

I hope you find the new Facebook Send Button helpful and I'll be adding new tools to the toolbar as and when they become available. Let me know what you think of this new feature.

Other News: Over the past few months, I have helped over 80 blog and website owners monetise their sites using the VigLink service. VigLink is a content monetisation company that makes affiliate marketing very easy for bloggers and website owners. More information about this service and how you can easily monetise your blog or website can be found on my post: Monetise Your Blog With VigLink.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to welcome all my new followers and thank all those who have continued to follow me and comment on my blog. I would also like to thank all the wonderful and talented members of the Bloggers Network who have made this blogging group a soaring success. With my Blog Fan Page likes and my Twitter followers tripling in the past month, you make my hard work all's a BIG "Thank You" to all of you!

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Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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