Thursday 3 February 2011

Google Chrome or Internet Explorer? I Choose Chrome!

I've been using Internet Explorer as my main web browser for more years than I care to remember, but recent events caused me to download and install Google Chrome. See my previous post: Does Google Consider Your Site Safe?

Another reason why I wanted to download Google Chrome was to see how fast my blog would load after making some changes to the design. So after downloading and installing the latest version of Chrome last week and then accessing my blog, I was blown away of how fast it loaded... it took a mere 3 seconds!

Before I made changes to the blog, Internet Explorer 8 was taking approx 25 seconds to fully load my blog. After the changes, I got the load time down to 20 seconds. Internet Explorer for some unknown reason, would always take some time loading the AdSense ads and JavaScript code.

I'm aware that Internet Explorer has a number of security features such as the SmartScreen Filter which will obviously slow down the loading process, but even after starting Internet Explorer without the add-ons and disabling all the security features etc, my blog was still taking 15 seconds to load compared to Chrome's 3 seconds... now that's a big difference!

It's not just my blog Internet Explorer seems to have problems with, I've noticed that most blogs I've visited which use Google's Blogger platform seem to take forever to load in IE... why is that?

Anyway, now I have two browsers installed on my system, so which one will I be using as my main browser? Well that's easy... Chrome of course! :)

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  1. Between the two, it's no contest Google Chrome is superior what with its speed, auto-complete, spell check, ability to remember passwords, etc. When coupled with iGoogle, you can have just about the ultimate personal start page. For business purposes, I prefer Firefox because it not only has all the features of Chrome but the "Cool Previews" feature let you view start page articles at a glance by hovering over the RSS headlines and saves you time. That can be annoying on other pages but disabling it temporarily is easy enough. Just downloaded Safari yesterday and my preliminary opinion is favorable but not as good as Chrome or FF. Microsoft has a lot of work to do on IE.

  2. I agree with you. I'm using google chrome too. I think GC interpret all recent languages I mean HTML, JavaScript...then it is more optimised to load any page fastly. However, remember to check how is your blog show up in all browsers because the majority use Internet explore. For example, IE (v 7 or 8)is still not capable of interpret many codes. and may hide or turning upside down your blog structure or even popping errors. The solution is to add additional codes to let IE understand the language used in your template.


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