Wednesday 23 February 2011

Facebook Website Blocking Update: All CO.CC Domains Blocked

After doing some investigation, it seems Facebook have blocked ALL domains from their system. This is the reason why my website has been blocked and not because I did anything wrong. See my recent post: Has Facebook Blocked Your Website?

Does this mean then that if they receive too much spam posts from .com domains for example, they will block ALL of them too? NO and that's why this course of action is so annoying..!!

One of the main reasons why I picked this domain was not only because it was free, but because I was able to have my name as part of the domain. All Top-Level Domains (TLDs) with Derek Jones had unfortunately been taken which is why I chose this one.

With spammers constantly using domains for their unscrupulous activities, it seems Facebook will probably continue to block these domains in the future (as this is not the first time they've imposed this block), even if it adversely effects honest, law-abiding people like myself. Therefore, I will have no alternative but to make some changes in the very near future which will probably include a new domain for my blog.

This is not going to be an easy task... simply replacing this domain with another domain on Blogger is not a clear option as it will undo all the hard work I have done over the past 5 months to get a decent amount of traffic plus listings on major search engines and blog directories.

I will have to do something soon though because as of today, I've noticed (while publishing this post) that NetworkedBlogs shortened URL's (plus and which are pointing to my blog posts are now getting blocked by Facebook. This means that any new post I publish on my blog will NOT be posted on my Fan Page and the Bloggers Network group.

With receiving no reply from Facebook as yet, what do you think is the best course of action regarding this? I'm open to suggestions :)

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  1. Hi Derek,I read your page before i came to your blog and was very interested in why this happened so glad you got an answer. I am new to this blogging and there is so much info out there that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Thanks for the info and I will be following. : )

  2. Good luck with your finding a new Domain name and thanks for the updates.

  3. Thank you Sunish for your comment. Finding a new domain is not a problem….that's the easy part. The hard part is trying to integrate the new domain without losing all my traffic and the hard work I have done to get this blog listed on major search engines.

  4. Hey It's great that you are puting up info about facebook I think that any blogger should be informed about all of the options these day keep posting. Mine is on the same wavelength check it out maybe we can share some tips.

  5. Did you ever get your site back to being allowed to post links on Facebook with the image previews?

    1. Hi Matt,

      With not receiving a reply from Facebook and with the free service continually open to abuse, I decided to purchase my own domain to prevent this situation from happening again. You can read more on this by visiting the following link:

      Derek's Home & Business Blog Is Moving

  6. is there any way to appeal to facebook after they block a url ?

    1. If you find your website has mistakenly been blocked by Facebook, use the following form to contact them:


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