Monday 24 January 2011

Google Gives Small Businesses $500K

Thanks to Google, five small businesses now have rather large advertising budgets. The search giant announced late last week that it's given five firms $100,000 each in "AdWords spend," along with free consultations and wireless service.

A post on the Google Small Business Blog explained, "Over the holiday season, we paid a surprise visit to five small businesses who recently started advertising their businesses online: Create A Cook and Twinkle Star in Massachusetts, Ramy's Garage and Atlas Flooring in Texas, and Cloud 9 Frozen Yogurt in Georgia. These small businesses span several industries, but their founders share one common goal: to expand beyond their brick-and-mortar storefronts and into the world of e-commerce."

So Google stepped in with its gifts. In return, the company plans to report how the businesses fare, thereby allowing other AdWords users to learn from their example (and give AdWords and the small businesses a little more publicity, to boot).

Unfortunately, it's not certain that Google will hold any more giveaways of this nature in the future. Still, the blog post did state, "We're looking forward to making big investments in small businesses far beyond these lucky five."

Here's hoping that comes in the form of desirable goodies (in addition to whatever product and service announcements Google might have planned).

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