Tuesday 25 January 2011

Blekko & Bing Use Social To Improve Search

Blekko.com is a great search engine concept where users can use their Facebook friends to filter their internet searches and get the most from their search. In other words, when a user enables the service, the search engines crawls and collects data from the individuals Facebook friends to places (including websites and pages) that the friends have liked.

This endorsement of sorts from the users friends acts as a screening for the user and allows them to curate their searches and make the most out of their search launch. The concept is, if their friends like it, then they will too.

Blekko.com launched in November 2010 with a focus to use human editors to scan for authoritative websites all across the web. However, early in January 2011, Blekko revamped their approach to this and incorporated the current system that they now have. By approaching social networking and search engine results in this way, they have increased the sites popularity and the interaction of friends and users on the site.

In recent developments with Microsoft, a new social search engine was launched called Montage. This new service is currently in its experimental launch, but Microsoft is aiming to create media-rich and real-time online experiences that users can share with friends in their databases. Through the search function, users will be able to find, share and post information that is both aesthetically appealing and current for the purposes of sharing news and visuals. The launch is being geared up and worked with a team of 30 developers, writers and webmasters to ensure that it offers users a genuine experience and will hopefully become viral.

The direction of Blekko.com and the new release by Microsoft appears to be centered at customizing and targeting users online search time. The end goal result of both of these industry leaders is to create optimum search results for its users.

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