Wednesday 11 September 2013

11 Backlink Strategies That May Put Your Online Business In Trouble

Link building is becoming a very important (actually the most important) aspect of SEO. However, not all links are good for your website. Google recently introduced stiff measures to deal with people who use unscrupulous ways to boost PageRank. This move is, no doubt, bound to affect all who don't play by the backlinking rules. Talking about backlinks, here are some 11 mistakes to avoid like a plague.

1. Paid Links

Buying and selling links is normally seen as unnatural because there are hidden motives aside from user experience for either of the websites involved. This includes buying content that contains links or sending a "free" product to somebody in exchange for them including a link to your site in their future write-ups. So steer clear from this short-cut.

2. Unnatural Links are a plague

Please take good note of the word "unnatural". It is all right to link to other sites and have them link back to you, but it must be natural. Natural links are simply links that add value to your visitors. If you are a law firm, don't try to exchange links with a dolphin research company.

3. Avoid bulky content, add value instead

Publishing articles and guest posts in bulk is no longer fashionable. In fact if you do guest articles just to gain keyword rich backlinks, your site might just get penalized. The rule of the thumb here is to ensure that you're publishing posts on other websites if you have something valuable to share.

4. Avoid automated links

There are many tools out there that claim to help you gain thousands of backlinks in very little time. Google's spam team is always after websites that use such services to hyper-inflate their authority on the net. You don't want to be caught using these services.

5. Careful about text ads

Text ads are a popular way to market products nowadays. However, if they don't use the rel="nofollow" attribute, Google is likely to mistake them for manipulative backlinks and therefore punish you.

6. Avoid ads and advertorials that contain links that pass PageRank

Always use link with the rel="nofollow" attribute if you pay for an ad or article. This will ensure that the ad does not pass link juice to your website therefore keeping you safe from a possible penalty.

7. Avoid over-optimization

If you're fond of publishing content that is full of links - all appearing to be anchor text - you could get a penalty. Google is now, more than ever, very strict on value addition as opposed to just optimization.

8. Avoid linking to low quality article directories

Linking to directories that will never send a single visitor your way is sheer waste of time. These links will not in any way favor your search rankings. Only link to directories that send visitors to your website and ignore the rest.

9. Footer links are a no-no

Avoid putting keyword rich links in your footer. Such links are counted as "bad" in Google's rulebook and are therefore to be avoided at all cost. This however does not include links to the "about us" or "privacy" but rather links like "buy followers" or "visit our shop".

10. Be cautious when using widgets

If you normally use free widgets to market your website, you should be sure to use the nofollow attribute so the link does not appear spammy. Google does not like links that are embedded in such platforms and may punish you for them if you don't use the rel="nofollow" attribute. If a widget developer offers you a chance to market on their platform, try to avoid using links (only when this is not logically possible should you resort to rel="nofollow" attribute).

11. Avoid forum comments that are optimized

If you are fond of using online tools to post comments on forums then you're likely to get a Google punishment in the event that such comments are unnaturally written or abnormally optimized. So, be sure to always post the comments yourself.

The writing is clearly written on the wall

Google does not like artificial or bulky links. You definitely don't want to lose the authority that you've spent years building due to a backlink slap. To get good links that help you to achieve and sustain exponential growth, it is imperative to play by these eleven rules.

We wish you all the best in everything you do.

About The Author: Jason Smith is an online manager for Foley, Incorporated - Power Generator. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC and Lead generation.

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