Monday 24 October 2011

Blogger And Google+ To Integrate

As reported today by Sarah Perez at TechCrunch, Google+ will soon be integrated with Blogger providing additional social features to the popular blogging platform.

This news comes after the "Edit User Profile" section on Blogger's profile settings is now showing the message: "Connect Blogger to Google+ : Use your Google profile and get access to upcoming Google+ features on Blogger," and includes links to "Learn more" and "Get Started." Both of these links are currently redundant (broken) but it shouldn't be long before they become active and you are able to connect your Google+ profile with Blogger.

With Google Friend Connect slowly being discontinued, given the shutdown of the Friend Connect Discussion Group and the closure of the Google Friend Connect Help Forum, it's not surprising that Google are taking steps to integrate it's new social network platform with Blogger.

Once the integration is complete and according to Alex Chitu at Google Operating System, Blogger profiles will be discontinued and replaced by Google Profiles. This integration will also be used to introduce additional social features that have been provided in the past by Google Friend Connect.

If the discontinuation of Blogger profiles is correct, the integration could also mean major changes to Blogger's current commenting system. This would mean blog comments would be made using Google+ profiles with the comments posted simultaneously and viewable on the blog itself and also on Google+. This is similar to blogs that use the Facebook commenting system.

As this is mere speculation at the moment, we will just have to wait and see what Google has planned. Whatever it is, the integration can only improve Blogger and make the blogs that are hosted on it more social friendly.

UPDATE: As of publishing this post, the message to connect Blogger to Google+ has now been removed. It looks as though Google have decided to remove this message until work has been completed. If I hear any more news on this integration, I'll keep you informed by updating this post.

UPDATE 11:30pm: Blogger Buzz have just announced that you can now replace your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile using their testing ground, Blogger in Draft. The option to use your Google+ profile on the normal blogging platform ( will be available in the coming weeks. For more details on this announcement, see our new post: Blogger Introduces Google+ Integration

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  1. Saw it yesterday night Derek.....I was wondering why Google is not integrating G+ profile to blogger and it's done...I never knew Google can read our mind too. :)

    The Invisible Art Blog


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